SANDAKAN: The Sabah Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry’s mud crab hatchery pilot project in Sabah has been a success just four and a half months into the project.

In a recent visit to the hatchery, minister Datuk Junz Wong said the development is positive news for Sabahans eyeing to venture into the mud crab hatching industry.

“Together with my officers from the Sabah Fisheries and Fishermen’s Development Corporation (Korporasi Kemajuan Perikanan dan Nelayan Sabah or Ko-Nelayan), I visited the mud crab hatchery run by Datuk Lo Fui Ming.

“After four and a half months, the crabs reared in the natural mangrove area are growing so fat and healthily,” he said in a statement here tonight.

Wong said with the pilot project’s success, the state government’s plans to attract more local agropreneurs to venture into the industry are on track.

He also explained that the state government, through its agencies and relevant bodies, would be adopting the successful hatchery model for future participants.

“What we did was a pilot project and the results showed that this particular methodology to hatch mud crabs is successful…we will adopt this model as part of the Sabah Agriculture Blueprint 2021-2030.

“In future, through this programme, Sabahans who have no experience but are interested in hatching mud crabs will be able to do so,” he said.

Wong added that test runs are also being done to produce soft-shell crabs in order to enable the downstream industry to expand. – Jan 31, 2020, Bernama

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