TUMPAT: Although having just entered the market, ‘nanas cobek’ (a pull-apart pineapple variety) – which has been successful in other countries – could also be a lucrative crop for farmers here.

Kelantan’s sole grower, Mohd Ali Daim Ibrahim, said the juicy and sweet pineapple which can fetch a top price of RM10 per kg is unique because it doesn’t need to be peeled, with ripe fruitlets simply pulled apart using one’s fingers which even a child could do without difficulty.

“I got my pineapple (seeds) from suppliers in a few countries including a neighbouring country. I expect I will be able to get my first big-scale harvest early next year.

“Prior to this, I planted the fruit on a trial basis and it has brought added value to the MD2 pineapple I’ve been growing for the past two years,” he told reporters visiting his 12ha farm in Pulau Kerbau today where he also grows crops like corn and watermelon.

He said he grows the two types of pineapple over more than 2ha of land and believes he will be able to make at least RM350,000 from them.

He said the pull-apart pineapple can grow to almost 2kg, sell for close to RM20 each currently and is in high demand.

Mohd Ali said he received guidance from the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (LPNM).

Kemubu Agricultural Development Authority (Kada) chairman Datuk Husam Musa, who also came on the farm visit, said he wants farmers to cash in on pineapple farming and assured that Kada will gladly help them.

“We have an allocation of RM2 mil and anyone who is interested in pineapple farming can apply,” he said.

He urged farmers to put idle land to good use by planting pineapple and hopes LPNM will provide assistance to farmers with marketing, too.

Pineapple farming could be a sweet deal for producers and consumers because pineapple plant waste can be turned into cattle feed pellets which help fatten cattle, he said. – Jan 13, 2020 Bernama

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