Daily Market Strength
Brought to you by Bulls and Bears Trading Education Research and Malacca Securities Sdn. Bhd. 

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How To Use:

The Daily Market Strength table is derived from the proprietary algorithm of Bulls and Bears Trading Education and gives a bird-eye view of the current market condition and its likely direction whether on a bullish, bearish or neutral trend. 

It is comprised of the trading oulook for practically the entire stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia and in a subset, the trading outlook for the consensus stocks (stocks which are tracked by financial analysts).

Both tables will give retail and institutional investors and traders a top-down view of the market and allow one to use the information to assess his overall asset allocation strategy to the market in terms of cash and stocks exposure. 

For example, if the market overall direction is bearish, one would be inclined to keep more cash and reduce his exposure to stocks in his portfolio management strategy and vice-versa. 

More importantly, the information also allow the investor and trader to be invested ONLY in the best rising stocks in the market and AVOID the falling stocks in the market at the right time, which is critical to any individual stock trading or a complete stock portfolio management system of initial entry, monitoring, rebalancing and exit. 

The best rising and falling individual stocks at any time are further classified into a small number of Model Portfolio stocks and rated from A to E. The number of Model Portfolio A and B stocks for example (out of those from A to E) are given in the table for illustration purposes only.

Investors and traders (whether retailers or institutions) should hold and overweight the Model Portfolio stocks (A to E) in their portfolio for a strong outperformance results.  For the list of the Model Portfolio stocks, please refer to the exclusive Model Portfolio table at

The Bulls and Bears Power table is derived from the proprietary study of the strength of rises and falls in the market by Bulls and Bears Trading Education to gauge the bullish and bearish pressure on the market, which in turn will give an indication of the likely ongoing and future general sentiment and future direction of the market. 

The contents on this page (except where otherwise stated) are produced by Bulls and Bears Trading Education Research and Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd (a participating organisation of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad) in collaboration with Focus Malaysia Berhad. 

The Information provided is for general information only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities or financial instruments. 

Please refer to mPower: Trading Reinvented for the expanded version.