Fusing business and personal finance for SMEs
Banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are considerably scarce in the SEA. | 06 Sep 2019 15:10

Banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are considerably scarce in the Southeast Asia region and only less than 60 per cent of them gain access to loans, according to news reports.

SMEs in Malaysia comprise of 98.5% of the country’s business community and contribute more than one-third to our economy.

However, they are often faced with problems such as failing to get a prompt update from banks on the status of their applications or having difficulty comprehending the different products offered.

SME owners want to be passionately engaged in their business and be involved in every detail or decision made for their companies.  

Time is so valuable for SME owners but they are spending seven hours a week performing administrative work.

There is also usually no clear line between their personal and business finances. It is not uncommon for small business owners to use their personal savings and accounts for their businesses but the truth is they need expert support to manage their businesses.

HSBC Fusion wants to help you achieve new heights by assisting you in managing and controlling your personal and professional finances.

It is created specifically to give small business owners greater control over their business and personal life.

It combines business and personal banking into one platform to provide SME owners with more clarity on their finances, easy access to funding, advice and opportunities as well as shave time off administrative tasks.

It also provides insight on how you can manage your business and personal finances, so you can stay on top of things and connects users to services and support they need to get more done, in less time.

SMEs with HSBC Fusion enjoy services that include:

- borderless connections to expand overseas 

- assistance of a relationship manager for both business and personal banking needs

- access to funding

On top of personal financial solutions, HSBC Fusion also offers customers a business package which includes:

  • Preferential rate on time deposit & foreign currency exchange
  • Fee waiver on online transactions & HSBCNet monthly fee
  • 6 months waiver on Online Accounting Solution
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager & Contact Centre

As your business progresses, you can also benefit from better rates, access to value-added services and insights, new opportunities to grow, as well as exclusive privileges.

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