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Defying all odds

As steel price rallies, share prices of six industry players surge over 100%

Karex sees upswing in tender market

CEO expects this year to see significant revival of orders

Takaful Malaysia grapples with stiffer competition

To stay ahead, it is exploring more strategic partnerships with major financial institutions


Act to facilitate en bloc sale much needed

With an En Bloc Sales Act, prospective developers can acquire the property as long as 80% of owners agree to it

Replicating success

Self-storage business grows as homes shrink


SMEs go natural for skincare

With dangerous and synthetic ingredients in some skincare products, SMEs are producing natural alternatives for consumer

Sustainability benefits the bottom line

VCs eyeing enterprising local start-ups

columns & opinion

This could be the year for weed

From this year, cigarettes containing marijuana will be made available at the retail store, at least in two US states

Hedging against over-dependence on US security

Extracting palm oil in Eastern Congo


Bursa’s boardroom diversity quest

Its nominating and remuneration committee takes steps to ensure that women candidates are sought from various sources

Higher valuation of BIOHLDG-WA reflects potential

Khoo a substantial shareholder in Saudee

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