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Well paid despite losses

50 highest-paid boards of loss-making companies were paid RM200.7 mil last year, with total fees up by as much as 369.5%

Adaptability key to UMW Holdings’ survival

While income from some of its businesses falls, it looked at opportunities in the aerospace sector

Time dotCom CEO cashing out?

The company’s disposal of DiGi shares and Afzal’s dividend gains over the years said to be indications


Eco Bloom focusing on affordable housing

Eco World’s latest project in mainland Penang targets middle-income earners up north

Time to gazette Draft KL City Plan

Tourism a catalyst for Camerons’ development


Good eats delivered to your doorstep

No more the domain of fast foods, it’s now a popular alternative to going out for a meal

Internet marketing levels playing field for SMEs

R&D that bridges commercialisation gap

columns & opinion

Aramco IPO more of geopolitics than finance

Apart from shoring up the Saudi budget, IPO might also attract investment money that would otherwise go to rival Iran

Go for gold, not stocks

Adenan sticks to tested power formula


Good and bad of delisting

Some stocks may have been taken private after GO/takeover offer, selective capital reduction or withdrawal from listing

Action may be taken against Koon

EPF sells stakes in blue-chip counters

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