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Fund rumblings

Key shareholder City of London Investment Management Company Ltd claims Bhd not deploying cash fruitfully

Iris mulls legal action against Datasonic and govt

Pioneer says while it holds the patent for chip technology for e-passport, contract goes to rival


Guidelines needed for home sharing

While turning idle properties into short-term rentals may help owners financially, the business needs to be regulated

Emerging trends in property market

Bringing Europe to Melaka


Digesting the tough restaurant business

While for some it has proven unsavoury, success comes with its share of heartaches too

Promoting Malaysia-India SME trade

Jewellery maker gains fame overseas

columns & opinion

A new challenge for the shopaholic

In Indonesia, making a purchase at a Pierre Cardin store may not necessarily get you the French designer’s luxury goods

Say no to yes-men

Why Eurasian Economic Union is courting Asean


Putting a stop to front-running

With high frequency trades and direct market access, it’s difficult for regulators to trace if an offence was committed

Chang ups stake in ConnectCounty

Big lift for REACH-WA if it gets green light

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