Mixed fortunes 
Listed government-linked companies post commendable results in FY16 despite tough financial year

Tenaga’s poor yield turns off investors 
Its share price will remain subdued if regional utility stocks’ dividend payouts continue increasing

Censof banks on SME market for growth 
Financial management solutions provider targets sales from sector to contribute 50% of revenue

Bad timing for Stamp Act amendments 
With downturn in property market, GST, falling currency, extra costs will only worsen things for buyers and developers

Start-ups disrupting healthcare industry 
One appointment system wants to use IoT devices and monitoring systems, the other focuses on corporate users

What to do when you can’t repay your loans 
From cutting expenses to selling or refinancing property, three experts share some ways to get cash to meet your commitm

Gain and pain of mega shopping malls 
As shoppers flock to new, hip malls on outskirts of Kuching, retailers are chasing them there and abandoning the CBD

Seeking greener pastures abroad 
Some companies see value in listing abroad

Going with her own flow 
Entrepreneur Lavina Valiram talks about her inspiration to start plus-size clothing brand Flow.
Brexit an opportunity for Malaysia 
Trade between the United Kingdom and Malaysia is expected to remain strong, says the British High Commissioner.

Alternative medicine in demand 
Traditional and complementary medicine is being integrated into our national healthcare system.

Real estate market needs a boost 
Housing developers are clamouring for new incentives to prop up the sector

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Living & Property
Looking beyond the horizon 
Hatten Group to consolidate its property activities under Hatten Land Ltd, with an eye on Klang Valley and other new ma
Living & Property
A style all her own 
From New York to the shores of Hawaii, Bilamana founder Katrina Taib’s design approach reflects her international focus

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