145k Shopee sellers achieved 25% growth in 2022

SHOPEE Super Awards 2022 Milestone finds many Malaysian stores outperformed business expectations on the marketplace over the last 12 months.

As of October 2021 to September 2022, over 145,000 local sellers has achieved 25% growth in year-on-year (yoy) sales on Shopee due to superior levels of customer service and optimised storefronts.

Beyond the community of local talents and gig workers employed, many platform sellers provide for more than three household dependents on average, fulfilling Shopee’s mission of using technology to help the underserved.

Besides, Shopee drove economic inclusion by integrating and upskilling more than 251,000 local sellers who started selling online this year. These first-time sellers to the platform took advantage of the robust ecosystem and innovative features to quickly scale operationally and reach new markets online.

Among them, more than 140 new sellers recorded over RM500,000 in sales last year. They outperformed their peers with store ratings of over 4.8 (out of 5), 97% on-time fulfilment rate, and prompt customer chat response rate of 116 min. 

“I value Shopee’s straightforward interface and large user base. We have managed to reach a record-high of 600 daily orders,” commented Shopee seller IFS1212 store Frederick Thoo.

“This number of orders can only be reached by selling online. We put a lot of effort into finding the best methods to pack our products and maintain our timely chat response rate. Good ratings are of utmost importance in building customer trust.”

Moreover, long-term sellers on Shopee also find that seamless customer experience pays off for sustained growth. Because of their ability to retain loyal customers and drive marketing costs down, year-to-date September 2022, more than 2,100 local sellers made over RM5 mil in sales since the inception of their stores on Shopee.

Throughout last year, these sellers maintained consistent ratings of 4.9 (out of 5), quick chat response time of 125 minutes, and almost 99% of their orders shipped on time.  

Furthermore, over 1,700 local sellers of authentic made-in-Malaysia goods marked RM1 mil in sales since listing on the marketplace thanks to Shopee’s hyper-localised platform and e-commerce campaigns.

These home-grown entrepreneurs provided quality goods that cater to Malaysians’ local preferences with an average store rating of 4.9 out of 5 and 98% of orders shipped on time. 

“We are humbled to see how far our community of sellers, brands, and talents have come on the marketplace ahead of our Dec 15 Shopee Super Awards,” said Shopee Malaysia head of marketing campaign Kenneth Soh.

“It’s thanks to their collective hard work and all the wonderful shopping experiences they are creating for buyers online that Shopee ranks first in the YouGov best brand ranking in Malaysia and also won gold for Kantar’s strongest Malaysian brand in both ‘General Retailers’ and ‘Lifestyle App’ categories.”

According to Soh, it inspires them to continuously innovate and invest in our marketplace ecosystem to give back to the community by providing a wide range of choices at the lowest prices.

Beyond free education for seller communities via Shopee University and Seller Summit, Shopee has also created educational KOL masterclasses and Shopee Influencer Fest to scale influencers and drive their growth along with sellers. Earlier this year, Shopee’s marketplace studies revealed that local influencers reach wider audiences and boost customer engagement for sellers.

“Consumers value recommendations from authentic voices. I can see the trend of people having higher trust in third parties reviews compared to advertising on TV or radio,” opined an active Shopee influencer Eizuwan Eizuddin.

“My product review videos can be seen as a bridge between sellers and buyers. On one hand, increasing the visibility of sellers’ products; on the other hand, helping my audiences to make informed purchase decisions.”

On Dec 15, Shopee Super Awards ceremony will recognise the best performing sellers, brands, and influencers of the year by industry categories. Winners of much anticipated e-commerce awards such as “Super Growing Seller”, “Super Operational Performance Brand” and “Super Live Streamer” will be announced. — Dec 2, 2022

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