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Quek Chun Leng, Senior Digital Content Designer

Chun Leng is fluent in quite a number of languages, be they design, computing, or literal. Currently, he dons the hat of a Senior Digital Content Designer, while lending his expertise to graphics and site maintenance when needed. A real-life ninja, he seeks joy and enlightenment in travelling, and still finds time for gaming when he can.

Purvinn Raj Chai, Graphic Designer

Born with mixed blood, Purvinn is a career driven person with great personality. He is someone who has hidden talents in him such as having the ability to learn and absorb things easily just by observing and being a great multitasker. By having the passion in editing and designing, he has learnt many things by exploring and has great insights on designing. He has been with the company for the past five years under the circulations and distribution team. Due to his endowment and capabilities, he now has been given an upward progression to join the editorial-designing team. “A better salary comes with a greater responsibility and quality performance.”