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P Gunasegaram, Editor-in-Chief

Guna started work teaching maths and physics in 1976. He moved to business journalism in 1978 and later became involved in equity analysis and image management. He has worked as an editor in the major English newspapers groups in the country and written for news portals. Journalism remains his abiding love. He wrote the first book anywhere on 1MDB, major detailed coverage of which he initiated in 2013, two years before it became a household name. He holds an MBA and the CFA designation besides a degree in physics and diplomas in education and journalism.

Doreenn Leong, Executive Editor

Sports news has always been an interesting topic for Doreenn but she decided to chart her career in business writing since she has done her studies in accounting and business administration. Despite having close to two decades of experience in business writing, she still finds the job to be self-fulfilling and aspires to unearth more, juicy corporate news.

Amie Ong, Executive Editor

This wordsmith has spent decades in the newspaper industry and seen its fortunes crumble. So change it must to meet its digital readers, people like Amie who also bank online, pay summons, compound fines, road tax and parking fees online, shop online and won’t step out into the sun or rain unless it’s really necessary. But she needs to drive to the work she loves … sometimes, most times.

Emmanuel Samarathisa, Editor

Emmanuel has been writing about business, economics and politics for FocusM since 2018. Prior to this, he has had spells in The Malaysian Insider and Asia Asset Management. He is also the recipient of the MPI-Petronas Journalism Awards 2018, where he won a consolation prize for Best Feature Writing.

Ranjit Singh, Senior Writer

Ranjit who is a trained accountant found his vocation in the world of financial journalism. He also keenly keeps track of the political ongoings in the country which are nothing short of intrigue. In his free time, he likes to read and head for the cinema for the occasional flick.

Xavier Kong, Writer

Having done a stint in the corporate side of things, Xavier has decided that reporting the news is a much more amusing way to look at things. He now looks to news from the enterprise, consumer, and automotive sectors for his daily bread, sprinkled liberally with gossip from the startup and gig economies. When not actually munching said bread, he takes delight in a good fantasy series, whether the format is video or the written word.

Sharina Ahmad, Writer

Sharina who has been working with a few media organisations has discovered a passion for business journalism. She has also dabbled in general and political news. Among her current areas of coverage in Focus Malaysia is property.

Jo-Ey Chee, Writer

Jo-Ey’s quest to become a writer has taken her to new places. She got her start at a travel mag before accidentally discovering the world of business news. She naturally gravitates towards stories of finance for the everyday people and loves that her job gives her an excuse to snoop on people’s money habits.

Geraldine Tan, Subeditor

Subediting comes naturally to Geraldine, whether it be in the furore of everyday news or the cold calculation of business updates. Having spent time in both, she steps into her role at Focus Malaysia like a duck takes to water, or a cat takes to catnip. Speaking of cats, she is the proud mother of several furkids, and come traffic or high water, she makes time to curl up and coo at them.

Eugnice Han, Senior Graphic Designer

A veteran of the graphics industry, Eugnice has served the last 7 years dedicated to Focus. She now holds the rank of Senior Graphics. She has been a vegetarian for 29 years, and when not seeking vegetarian-friendly delicacies, she finds solace and happiness in Chinese calligraphy, travelling, hiking, and joining marathons.

Quek Chun Leng, Senior Digital Content Designer

Chun Leng is fluent in quite a number of languages, be they design, computing, or literal. Currently, he dons the hat of a Senior Digital Content Designer, while lending his expertise to graphics and site maintenance when needed. A real-life ninja, he seeks joy and enlightenment in travelling, and still finds time for gaming when he can.

Purvinn Raj Chai, Graphic Designer

Born with mixed blood, Purvinn is a career driven person with great personality. He is someone who has hidden talents in him such as having the ability to learn and absorb things easily just by observing and being a great multitasker. By having the passion in editing and designing, he has learnt many things by exploring and has great insights on designing. He has been with the company for the past five years under the circulations and distribution team. Due to his endowment and capabilities, he now has been given an upward progression to join the editorial-designing team. “A better salary comes with a greater responsibility and quality performance.”

Mohd Iqbal Ismail, Photographer

Dedicated photographer with experience in both professional and freelance photography. Holds nearly eight years of working experience with great variety in order to tackle any photography job quickly and effectively.

William K.C. Kee, Editor

William is the editor of Pursuit, a lifestyle magazine that complements Focus Malaysia. He has 25 years in journalism, first joining The Star in 1994. He has also worked as editor for Men’s Folio and World Of Watches. His passion is in writing and covering lifestyle-related issues, fashion and personalities.

Nur Aqalili Azizan, Writer

A lifestyle writer in the morning and a blogger at night, Aqalili thrives in writing, video editing and photography. Working at her first media job in Pursuit, she has a passion for writing and covering topics such as beauty, travel and entertainment.