2024 will see KAB enriching the energy avenue with holistic alternatives, sustainable solutions

IN AN age where environmental sustainability is paramount, Kinergy Advancement Bhd (formerly Kejuruteraan Asastera Bhd/KAB) has stood out as a visionary in Malaysia’s energy sector.

In recent times, the company has undergone a significant transformation by pivoting from traditional energy company to being at the forefront as a provider of diverse array of effective energy solutions to its clients.

As detailed recently in The Edge Bumper Issue, this transformation is not just a strategic re-positioning but one that stands out as a one-stop sustainable energy-cum-engineering solutions specialist.

In the face of global climate challenges, KAB’s entry into the high-demand SES space represents more than a shift in business direction; it showcases the company’s capability and capacity to fulfil the bold intent of fortifying Malaysia’s energy framework and contributing to environmental preservation.

The group’s joint forces with sustainability reflect a blend of innovation, environmental responsibility, and governance stewardship. Far from being merely energy production methods, the technologies involved are integral to a larger strategy aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources.

KAB’s cutting-edge clean energy technologies not only contribute to sustainable practices but also play a crucial role in minimising energy wastage.

They include cogeneration, trigeneration, waste heat recovery, and gas-fired power plants as well as renewable energy solutions in the likes of bioenergy and solar along with energy-efficient initiatives such as chiller optimisation and building management systems. These technologies are purposefully designed for energy optimisation.

In June 2023, KAB underwent a significant rebranding which marks a new phase in its corporate evolution. More than a mere change in logo or tagline, this exercise reflects KAB’s strategic shift towards sustainability, mirroring Malaysia’s growing focus on eco-friendly practices.

The Edge ESG Bumper Issue rightly pointed out that KAB’s journey is emblematic of the broader shift towards sustainability which is increasingly becoming a global imperative.

The group is enhancing the resilience and adaptability of the country’s energy sector, assuming the role as a key player in this transition with a clear vision, robust strategies, and innovative solutions.

At the end of the day, KAB doesn’t just act as an energy provider but rather serves as a catalyst for change. At the close of today’s trading, KAB was down 1 sen or 2.53% to 38.5 sen with 22.33 million shares traded thus valuing the company at RM749 mil. – Dec 26, 2023

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