35-year-old Japanese man living off 4 wives and 2 girlfriends’ earnings sent netizens’ tongues wagging

A REPORT by 8 Days Singapore on a 35-year-old Japanese man who lives off his four wives and two girlfriends has gotten plenty of attention on the internet.

Quoting Japanese talk show Abema Prime which highlighted the unique family arrangement, it said all the women in the relationship were fine with their husband/boyfriend’s lifestyle of having multiple partners.

Furthermore, the man identified as Watanabe Ryuta claimed that he has not worked for over a decade and lives off the earnings of his partners. He, however, is responsible for taking care of the children and household chores.

He also says he has identified wife #5 and that he plans to beat Japan’s record for the man with most number of children.

The report which was shared on 8 Days Singapore’s Facebook site drew a lot of attention with 11,000 ‘likes’, 1,400 comments and 2,200 shares at the time of writing.

These are just a small sample of the comments, many of which are made with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

More than one applauded him for being an alpha male.

Some did point out that it was fair arrangement given the man did all the house chores.

One netizen summed up the feelings of many men expressing wishful thinking.

There were, of course, those who sought the secret behind Watanabe’s “success”.

Of course, there were those who questioned the wisdom of such a lifestyle.

However, it was highlighted that polygamy is illegal in Japan. Even in polygamy-friendly Malaysia, this “husband” would be stretching the boundaries with his two girlfriends and plans for a fifth spouse.

Whatever it may be, FocusM wishes Watanabe-san all the very best of luck keeping all the women in his life happy and satisfied. It will be of great interest to many whether he will be successful in becoming the Japanese with the most number of offspring. – Jan 24, 2024

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