5 reasons to buy a high rise residence

Strata living has very much become the norm, especially in city centres or in popular suburbs where land has become scarce. Aside from the many facilities and amenities that most high-rise developments offer, many dwellers prefer the communal lifestyle that high-rises offer. 

Here are five other reasons for opting for a high-rise dwelling:

Spectacular vistas

The most obvious benefit of having a unit high above ground is the amazing views. Whether dusk or dawn, nothing beats stepping out onto the balcony to enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Be it watching the sun rise or a million neon lights blinking in the distance, it never gets old and is hugely invigorating for those privy to high-rise residences. 

Safety and privacy

High-rise residences usually have added security features such as card access lifts and CCTVs along with the usual platoon of guards patrolling the grounds. These are usually not feasible for landed properties.

This allows for greater peace of mind for residences and incidences of break-ins are usually lower or nonexistent in high-rise towers. 

Privacy is also assured when residents are situated higher above ground, as there is less street-level intrusion. 

Better natural light and ventilation

The higher up a residence, the better the ventilation. The same goes for access to natural light. This combination of fresh air and sunlight certainly enhances the quality of life, especially in crowded and congested areas. 

Less noise pollution

This is especially pronounced in inner-city areas where there is a high volume of traffic at ground level. Being high up means being further away from the noise that vehicles and people inevitably bring.  

High-rise living can thus provide peaceful havens even in the most congested areas.  

Penthouse experience

Many high-rise towers will usually reserve the highest floors for penthouses which offer greater floor space. Spacious, private and luxurious allowing residents to really live it up with a home in the skies. 

One development offering such a lifestyle is edusentral in Setia Alam. Its final residential offering is the Harvard Suites which come in two layouts. The two-bedroom unit will have 660sq ft of built-up space while the three-bedroom units will have 804sq ft. The tower housing the Harvard Suites will be among the tallest structures in Setia Alam, allowing residents to enjoy many of the above benefits. 

For more information, please go to: https://www.edusentral.net/harvard-suites/– Jan 6, 2023

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