70% Malay support for PN? Netizens tell Muhyiddin to keep dreaming

PERIKATAN Nasional (PN) chairman and former premier Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said his coalition is confident of securing at least 70% of Malay voters in the upcoming state elections (PRN) in six states.

He stated that based on surveys and data collected earlier, most people have shown interest in PN, a coalition seen as more progressive in terms of popularity.

“I believe that, although not 100%, 70 to 80% support from the people, especially the Malays, is quite good.

“From our research, we have gathered their opinions, and in Selangor, for example, we seem to be ahead. The trend of support for PN is increasing based on the current situation in the country, UMNO, and the politics of unity government,” the Pagoh MP added.

However, as usual, netizens have their input on the results of the ‘surveys’ that say PN is winning in the PRN.

While some Twitter users are still rallying about the 33 months of the PN in power, others are saying 70% Malay support is not enough for the PM to win.

User @kucinghutan30 said:

“Easy math. 10,000 voters, 5,000 Malays, 5,000 non-Malays, 70% = 3,500. The other 1,500  supports Pakatan Harapan (PH). 1,500 + 1,500, PH and Barisan Nasional will get 6,500 voters.

“If you want to calculate the Malay votes, you have to fight PH in areas where 70% and 80% are Malays, so you can win. If it’s only 50% to 60% of Malay support, you won’t go anywhere.”

User @Malaysia1952 also is of the opinion that the 70% Malay support for the PN is not enough. So Muhyiddin can keep dreaming of becoming.

“The 70% of Malays who support PN only represent 43.75% of Malaysians. Malays are only 62.5% of Malaysia’s population. That amount is still not enough to rule. Keep dreaming Muhyiddin.”

Meanwhile, user @wasabi1388 said it is about voting for the right political coalition, not based on racial lines.

“It is not that I am interested or not (in politics). The people decide to vote for the right political coalition that can help the people to lower the cost of living which is very high now!

“The people are not willing to continue to be deceived with sweet words! Don’t expect too much that the PRN vote will be the same as the 15th General Election vote!” — May 21, 2023

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