A close look at APAC’s Top 10 2024 energy solutions providers with Malaysia’s Kinergy Advancement at #1 spot

ENERGY Business Review (EBR) has chosen Malaysia’s sustainable energy solutions (SES) pioneer Kinergy Advancement Bhd (KAB) (formerly Kejuruteraan Asastera Bhd) as the cover story for its latest edition that features the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region’s Top 10 Energy Sustainability Solutions Providers for 2024.

The publication highlighted KAB’s significant contributions to energy sustainability in the region alongside other notable providers of clean energy, renewable energy and energy efficient solutions.

They include, among others, Japan’s CEJ Solar (solar energy); Australia’s Bionergy Group Pty Ltd (waste-to-energy); and UEM Group Bhd’s subsidiary Cenergi SEA Bhd (renewable energy and energy efficiency).

With a strong international presence spanning the US, Europe and the APAC region, EBR serves as a trusted resource for industry professionals, investors and stakeholders worldwide.

Known for its in-depth analysis and coverage of the global energy industry, the reputable publication provides insights into the latest trends, technologies and best practices in the sustainable energy landscape.

Due to its adherence to specific recognition criteria and key factors, KAB has been included in EBR’s Top 10 list. The company’s transformative and diversified approach within the SES sector has effectively established its presence by addressing and continuously validating the critical aspects of energy sustainability.

By offering energy-efficient solutions and having developed renewable energy projects as well as contributed to clean energy initiatives, KAB has proven its capabilities to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients.

The company also succeeded with its flexible financial models, including zero-capex schemes as one of its enticing business offerings which enable clients to adopt sustainable practices without the burden of significant upfront investment.

This financial strategy has fostered a more resilient business ecosystem and encouraged the broader adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

Hands-on management

EBR has described KAB’s journey from its beginnings in 1997 to its current standing as Malaysia’s leading and distinctive SES provider as “a story of strategic evolution and adaptation”.

Initially focused on mechanical and electrical engineering, the company has successfully transitioned to providing comprehensive sustainable energy solutions under the guidance of its founder, executive deputy chairman and group managing director Datuk Lai Keng Onn.

KAB has further demonstrated its capability through various projects. For instance, the company implemented a waste heat recovery system for an aviation sector client, resulting in significant energy savings and substantial environmental benefits.

Additionally, the company’s collaboration with PETRONAS to construct Malaysia’s first single largest gas engine power plant has showcased its technical expertise, capacity and commitment to advancing Malaysia’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.

These accomplishments and initiatives align with the established National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR).

However, it is essential to consider the broader implications of such recognitions. While accolades highlight achievements, they also raise questions about the sustainability of these solutions in the long term.

How will companies like KAB adapt to evolving energy demands and regulatory changes? What role will innovation play in maintaining their competitive edge?

Th is where the EBR’s Top 10 Energy Sustainability Solutions Providers list include notable companies that have been awarded based on their unique contributions to the energy sector.

The diverse array of companies recognised highlights the multi-faceted nature of the energy sustainability landscape and the various innovative approaches contributing to a more sustainable future:

Source: Energy Business Review

With more companies joining the movement to develop SES and eventually getting recognised as leading players of the energy sector, these key players are gradually elevating the industry by demonstrating the capacity and capability to navigate the evolving challenges and opportunities within the energy landscape.

Their contributions will be crucial in shaping the future of sustainable energy in the APAC region.

On that note, KAB has been selected to feature as the cover story of this edition. Could this signify that KAB has played a more prominent role and by having delivered notable achievements in the industry while suggesting that its contributions and influence in the energy sector are particularly noteworthy compared to other players?

This recognition should be viewed as part of an on-going journey for all players towards achieving broader sustainability goals and addressing the complex energy needs of our future.

At the close of today’s market trading, KAB was up 0.5 sen or 1.35% to 37.4 sen with 17.18 million shares traded, thus valuing the company at RM745 mil. – June 18, 2024

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