A country going under the hammer for a price tag of merely RM750m

TWO ITEMS caught my attention this week – the first being about J-Kom (Community Communications Department) asserting a possible Dubai Move by two “Tuns”.

The second is an allegation by famous YouTuber Iswardy Morni Fthat an initial attempt of buying MPs from the unity government was priced at RM1 bil but was thwarted by the unexpected move to freeze the property of one of the Tuns above.

There was then a second attempt at bringing in €140 mil (RM710 mil) into the country by a notorious mercenary blogger via a private jet but that, too, was thwarted outside the country.

I have no trouble believing in this sort of Malay politics of buying loyalties as we already have the Sheraton Move as a clear and direct precedent.

For a country to be bought by just at a price of RM1.7 bil is really a cheap investment as we have seen how RM40 bil was easily snapped up by one plump Chinese man living in luxury overseas while his poor Melayu accomplice languish a few kilometres away from my house in Kajang.

So, knowing our past history and the attitude of our MPs over money politics, I would say that both allegations are believable.

Tragedy beckons

So, after trying to topple the unity government with race and religious fanfare was thwarted by Anwar appeasing the Malays and rakyat with the goodies, now comes “an investment” approach of using direct cash from two Tun “investors”.

Our country is in such a sorry state, dear Malaysians! Sometimes I just want to throw my arms up and say … I’m giving up!

In the northern Malay dialect, I would have said “lantak pi kat depa lah”. However, as much as the news distressed me, I could not help wonder what it means to some Malaysians if the Dubai Move is successful.

Firstly, I think those civil society personalities who could never find anything good about Anwar’s administration – even to the extent of giving him a D- score – would have their wish come true.

We may have an extremely old man for a PM or an extremely religious man to helm the country! Padan muka (serve you right) , I would deliriously say. Your prayers were answered by your God.

Secondly, I would also smile at the thought of not having to stand in the rain to vote ever again because if the Dubai Move succeeds, there is little point going or having an election.

MPs and political parties are up for sale whether through money or appointments. So, buat apa buang masa (why waste time) going to vote? It will end up in somebody’s bank account anyway!

Country turned upside down

Thirdly, we could do away with any religious or moral subject and focus on science and technology for these two subjects can make money, food and bombs.

This curriculum would feed us, kill us and drive us to a mental institution very early in life … maybe in our thirties.

Prof Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

What morality is there anymore when leaders become disloyal to those who have appointed them with their votes and hopes? Malaysia will be ruled by either a rich oligarchy or a self-appointed religious group thinking the wealth of this nation is theirs even unto their graves and hereafter.

Fourthly, the Dubai Move would usher in a new world of Malaysia in an upside down manner similar to the one suggested in the popular series “Stranger Things”.

The villain Vecna in this Malaysian version would wear a turban and robe while the flesh-eating monsters are the MPs with the zombie human agents being the Tuns.

In this upside down world, everyone will be food for the slithering vines controlled by the mind of the PM hive. All will be destroyed eventually and then the hive would find another host through their billion ringgits and euros.

In 2024, Malaysians must seriously reflect where their loyalties should lie. They may still pander to their narrow sense of righteousness without any context to consider or they could open their heart to what God has given us in this unity government.

If we do not support it with our gratitude and respectful suggestions, then we deserve the “Stranger Thing” version of an upside down Malaysia that was bought by a few old Malay men with money stolen from our own children’s future.

So, car boot sale anyone? I have a country for only a mere RM750 mil …Going once, going twice … sold? – Jan 3, 2024


Prof Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely. This opinion editorial first appeared in Sin Chew Daily (English version) under the headline “A Country for Sale … Priced at RM750 mil”.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

Main pic caption: Campbell University Blogs

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