A glimpse into how DAP has radicalised M’sian Chinese to topple MCA, hate UMNO but now …

FORMER MCA vice-president Datuk Ti Lian Ker has expressed intrigue with the sudden absence of the “greedy mood” within the Chinese community that once led to the coining of despicable phrase “apa lagi Cina mahu” which incarcerated former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak has denied uttering.

At the same time, the former deputy youth and sports minister also regretted that despite having made a major political breakthrough to appease the demands of local Chinese educationists and DAP, it was DAP which eventually won the hearts of the Chinese community.

“Unfortunately, all these giving-in to the Chinese community (by MCA) did not produce political returns or dividends to the PM (Najib) or BN (Barisan Nasional) then. The Chinese (back then) were still in a ‘greedy mood’,” he pointed out in an opinion editorial carried by the English site of Sin Chew Daily.

“They were politically ‘scammed’ into believing that what they wanted, they would get if DAP came to power or ‘apa Cina mau, Cina DAPat!’ The DAP outright promised the Chinese a political dream of a bed of roses. They would never believe then that one day they would be sharing a bed with UMNO whom they had hated so much.”

The MCA Kuantan division chief further revealed that DAP website in Mandarin has everything from promising to bring back English as the official language to allowing Tamil and Mandarin to be used at state assemblies and Parliament.

“There are also promises of doing away the Bumiputera distinction under the Malaysian Malaysia concept and to have a race-free equal right country,” shared Ti.

Datuk Ti Lian Ker

To further fire up the Chinese electorate, in particular, the DAP also promised the following:

  • To introduce meritocracy and do away with race-based policies practiced by BN
  • Freehold titles or 999-year leases for Chinese new villages
  • Local government elections
  • Zero corruption and putting former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in jail (but returned him as PM7 instead)
  • Recognition of UEC (Unified Examination Certificate)

“The above were issues strategically used to incite the Chinese sentiment. Their dreamy eyes (Chinese community) saw no wrongs in DAP and were made to hate MCA and UMNO to the point of being radical and extreme,” lamented Ti who has been Senator since 2018 (second term ending Aug 9, 2024).

Delving further on how DAP has ‘brainwashed’ the Chinese community, Ti recalled how during one of the gatherings of his Universiti Malaya law faculty course mates, he was shocked “to see an old friend swearing to put an end to UMNO’s rule and corruption”.

“I used to know him as a mild, soft and gentle Christian apolitical soul. But suddenly he was turned into a political radical right before my eyes! That was before. That was when they believed in Ubah, Bersih, Ini Kali Lah, Save Malaysia, CAT (competency, accountability, transparency) etc,” he observed.

“That was when the Chinese voters in particular were made to believe ‘apa Cina mau, Cina boleh DAPat’ or what the Chinese want, they can get with DAP! Now DAP is the most dominant party in the unity government with the highest number of MPs.”

Added Ti: “They have radicalised Chinese voters to hate UMNO but now embrace UMNO as their latest ‘Malay trophy’. Let’s hope this relationship will last and not pass for the sake of our unity and harmony.” – Oct 5, 2023

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