A simplify cloud-based solution to build a comprehensive financial plan

ZURICH Malaysia and BetterTradeOff today launched ‘Up | MyZurichLife’, a financial planning solution exclusively for MyZurichLife’s users to help them plan for a brighter future.

Up | MyZurichLife is a cloud-based solution utilising advanced analytics with an easy-to-use interface.

It not only helps to simplify the task of building of a sound and comprehensive financial plan but also makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their financial literacy to plan and make better financial decisions.

This new solution allows users to explore different financial scenarios and how individual elements impact their overall plan which includes purchasing a new home, planning for retirement, and planning for children education.

Up | MyZurichLife will allow Zurich customers to discover and understand how Zurich products can enable and enhance their financial life journey , thus providing Zurich with a powerful new sales channel and exciting new customer offering, according to BetterTradeOff co-founder and CEO Laurent Bertrand.

 This is as users are able to project the impact of life events such as becoming unemployed, or the sudden loss of the family’s main breadwinner on their financial situation, this solution enables users to better estimate the course of action to take to mitigate financial stress.

By using a drag-and-drop approach, ‘goals’ or ‘dreams’ can be included into users plan such as a new property, a child’s education or a potential investment for a visualisation of the impact on their long-term cash flow, savings or net wealth.

Furthermore, the solution incorporates Zurich’s products and proposes what may best suit customers to realise their ideal plan.

It also has a convenient interface for customers to connect with a Zurich Wealth Planner for advice on tailoring a plan that meets their individual needs directly from the Up | MyZurichLife solution. The concept is to help customers put their plan in motion with minimal hassle.

With the launch of this easy-to-use online financial tool, Zurich and BetterTradeOff will continue to upgrade the tool based on users’ response and input to satisfy the unique needs of Zurich and its partners’ customers in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, access to ‘Up | MyZurichLife’ is available via myzurichlife.com.my under the Reward page and registration is free and open to all Malaysians. – March 24, 2021



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