A timely reminder to politicians that taxpayers pay your salaries

DATUK Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has hit the nail on the head when he said during a recent speech that elections are not the venue for us to say “choose us because we belong to this religion or that” but to decide on how to run and manage the country.

He further said that election campaigning means both parties go up against each other with their policies, plans, agenda when they get the right to administrate and what are their efforts to help the people.

This is a very timely reminder to all politicians who capitalise on the sentiments of race and religion to get elected.

Candidates must win election based on vision and mission on their plans, agenda and service they are going to provide which they will implement to its completion during their tenure not being an empty vessel that makes the most noise with their racial and religious sentiments.

These antics of politicians do not resonate in the real life of the business world and service, as exemplified by when I went to a service centre to service my car.

The customer service personnel who entertained and engaged with me was not of my race but a Malaysian. The meticulous process of engaging with me till my car was serviced and the key was handed over back to me before I paid my bill was superb because failing which he will lose a customer to another service centre.

Likewise, each citizen pays taxes – directly and indirectly – to the government, so they need to be looked after by politicians because at end of the day, the salary, perks and allowances are paid by the taxpayers’ money.

Don’t use race and religion to win votes, as all pays taxes whether a person votes for an individual or not. Politicians must always be aware and conscious of their service to their respective constituency, whether citizens vote for him or not.

Politicians must stop harping on race and religion to gain popularity to win elections.

This country which is dropping in many international indices needs to be brought back to its past glory and glamour with colour-blindness and religious-blindness by politicians who must lead the way. – June 24, 2024


KT Maran is a Focus Malaysia reader.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main pic credit: Malaysiaaktif

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