Abolish AP for other imports too including vehicles, DAP tells PM

WHILE lauding Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s decision to abolish food import approved permits (AP), a DAP leader urged the former to expand it to other good too to rejuvenate the market.

“The removal of APs for food imports, especially during the pandemic, is timely as this will dent rising prices.  

“However, the decision to abolish AP licences should not only cover imported food items but other imported goods too, such as motor vehicles,” said Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng, in a statement.  

As food prices continue to escalate, Ismail Sabri yesterday announced that the Government would abolish AP for food imports with immediate effect.  

He said the decision was reached at the Cabinet meeting to ensure sufficient food supply in the country. 

“This will enable all parties to import any food items into the country,” Bernama reported him as saying.  

Ismail Sabri said the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry would later announce the details on the AP matter. 

“Previously, there were APs to import beef and cattle but from today, these are no longer required and anyone can import whatever food items to ensure sufficient supply,” the Bera MP added.  

Touching on the matter, Lim said the Government should do away with motor vehicle AP as it would cut red tape; which was causing graft to thrive in the system and resulting in higher cost of goods.  

For far too long, he added, AP holders have been enjoying special privileges and instead of benefiting the people, the policy only benefits and enriches certain well-connected individuals, at the expense of consumers.  

Help industries thrive

“By introducing competition in the open market, it will help to drive down the cost of imported goods.  

“At the same time, this will help local entrepreneurs to develop their global competitiveness and become key players in the international market,” he opined.  

Instead of relying on the obsolete AP system, Lim said the Government should embark on steps to help industries grow so that they could tide over the COVID-19 triggered economic downturn.  

“For example, we can provide local manufacturers with special incentives to innovate and upgrade their technology and production facilities so that they can be on par with other manufacturers from around the world,” he noted.  

Lim remarked: “Without these steps, removing APs for imported foodstuff alone would not be sufficient in combating inflation plaguing our country.” – May 19, 2022

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