Achieving economic sustainability by supporting local brands

DESPITE taking a massive economic beating from the COVID-19 outbreak, the country is still on its way back up to reach normalcy from its historic lows. And you know what? Local brands and businesses may just be what the doctor ordered.

In the spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ and putting our country back on track, consumers could do their part to shift their focus on purchasing products from local brands. Contrary of what most people think, local brands are coming up with pretty impressive offerings!

Take Acson, for example. As an established homegrown brand with 37 years in the air conditioning industry, Acson offers a full range of cooling solutions, which are not limited to residential air conditioners but the commercial industry as well.

Believing in bringing nature’s breeze and cooling comfort to public, private, and government sectors, Acson certainly has covered all of your air conditioning needs. But, if you’re still wondering which Acson to go for, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a wide coverage area of up to 25 meters for your home or office, the Acson Floor Standing series is perfect for you. This unit is not restricted by building design and does not require any ductwork or complicated installations.

It is equipped with PLUSMA Technology, which emits massive positive and negative ions, sterilising and neutralising bacteria and other harmful substances in the air.

On top of that, the Acson Floor Standing series comes with a Turbo Mode which cools down your room 33% faster than usual units.

And, with the built-in power failure memory system, it automatically saves your last configured setting during an unexpected power outage. However, if you prefer a more concealed air-cooling system, the Acson Ceiling Concealed series would be a great alternative for you.


Acson Floor Standing series is equipped with PLUSMA Technology which purifies the air by sterilising and neutralising bacteria and other harmful substances. It is specially designed to provide users with healthy indoor air.


Acson Ceiling Concealed is designed for flexible installation above the ceiling. As it is hassle-free, you don’t need to sacrifice your floor space to make room for an air conditioner. Thus, it is an ideal choice for offices, restaurants, shops, and even hotel ballrooms.

But more than flexibility, the Acson Ceiling Concealed offers a pleasant environment with supreme cooled air distribution through the ducting system.

Furthermore, the excellent design of the cooling system provides optimum cooling to multiple rooms with just a single unit of the Acson Ceiling Concealed.

On the other hand, the white and stylish Acson Ceiling Mounted is able to meet tighter dimensional constraints with a slim and compact design.

The R32 series of the Acson Ceiling Mounted is even more flexible in positioning your outdoor units with longer piping length and elevation.

It also offers a fast-cooling system that rapidly brings your room to its desired temperature through a wide air throw range of up to 16.5 meters and consistent air distribution.

Acson Ceiling Concealed provides magnificent cooling comfort with maximum flexibility in limited room spaces or irregular room shapes. Desired comfort and room temperature is achieved rapidly through excellent air distribution.


Last but not least, if you require a cooling system which is classy and powerful, the Acson Ceiling Cassette is worth the investment.

Thanks to its four-way air outlets, it provides excellent cooled air distribution throughout the space, ensuring an optimal level of comfort.

Furthermore, the R32 series of the Acson Ceiling Cassette unit is equipped with Foresto technology, which combines the powerful PLUSMA function with Filtronz, an enhanced filtration system that provides healthy indoor air.

As a powerful unit, the Acson Ceiling Cassette supplies clean and fresh air to you while protecting the environment at the same time.

The R32 series of Acson Ceiling Cassette is equipped with Foresto technology, which designed to provide a healthy indoor air for user. It’s now even compatible with newly launched MY Acson mobile application.


As Acson aims to provide the ultimate cooling experience to Malaysians, they have launched their MY Acson mobile application that enables you to use your air conditioner in a smarter way by allowing you to remotely control your air conditioning units wherever you are.

Additionally, the MY Acson mobile app monitors and tracks the energy consumption of your air conditioner. By tracking the indoor temperature and temperature history, you can set a limit to your air conditioner usage based on your monthly budget.

Currently, the MY Acson mobile application is compatible with selected models of wall mounted, ceiling cassette, and ceiling mounted air conditioners. Hence, we recommend that you get in touch with Acson to learn more about the models and their app compatibility.

A hassle-free experience without the need of finding your remote control – all you need is the MY Acson app and your smartphone to improve your lifestyle, air conditioner usage, comfort, and smart home experience.


In the spirit of “Kita jaga Kita”, the next time you find yourself in need of a cooling system, let’s consider supporting a Malaysian brand which is just as good as other foreign brands in the market. – Mar 1, 2021

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