Act of multi-ethnic community putting up Raya décor in upscale residential shows T20, B40 disparity

A FEEL-GOOD video of people of various ethnic backgrounds bringing Raya cheer to their residential taman with Hari Raya décor has sparked an interesting discussion.

The video originally posted on TikTok by user Faizal Nayan depicted the spirit of neighbourliness and muhibah in his stomping ground of Setia Eco Templer in Perak.

The clip which has been viewed 1.2 million times at the time of writing generated plenty of positive comments. Here is a sample:

Many pointed out that the festive spirit seems to be so much more meaningful when celebrated by all communities.

The spirit of neighbourliness and muhibah was also repeatedly highlighted, underscoring that perhaps many Malaysians are tired of the racially inflammatory rhetoric currently dominating mainstream and social media.

That’s when some netizens opined they wished they had the means and wherewithal to live in such an upmarket residential area where neighbours are civilised and seem to get along just fine.

This sentiment as picked up when the video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user @hakimh_madani who opined the differing attitudes between the T20 and B40 segments of the society.

He further added the video made him even more determined to improve his lot so he can live in such a community.

These are some of the comments that followed his post with more than a few taking similar inspiration from the clip.

A fair few spoke about living in B40 communities.

Another compared to the situation to international schools where a common lingua franca allows for greater unity.

Some netizens lamented that the B40 group were easily manipulated by politicians to further certain agendas.

However, some netizens disagreed, arguing that such scenes can also be found among lower-income groups. Such displays of unity were not the sole preserve of the well-heeled they opined.

Whether one believes that the T20 segment is more open to living in racial harmony is debatable. What is clear from the many comments on both sites is that enough Malaysians prefer such scenes of peaceful co-existence where religious festivals are shared and celebrated together, becoming the glue that binds us all as Malaysians.

This is surely preferable to videos of self-appointed religious guardians and race warriors calling for further schisms to be created in the nation’s currently fractured society.

FocusM would like to take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians a very peaceful and joyous Ramadan. Let the spirit of muhibah define us as a people and not the dangerous rhetoric that is being spewed at the moment. – April 1, 2024


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