Agony, great retribution at their twilight years: Tale of 2 billionaire octogenarians, 1 nonagenarian

A PRO-Pakatan Harapan (PH) netizen has drawn a rather interesting account of three wealthy former leaders whom she claimed “Allah has extended their lifespan” – twice former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad; former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin and former Sarawak Chief Minister spanning 33 years (1981-2014) Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud.

CIKY🅰️NIE (@lady_bugg11) started her chronological depiction of the trio by stating that when God bestowed power on them during their prime, “they were very powerful and gallant, able to compete with both their friends and opponents in any situation”.

“Even though Tun Dr M is the oldest among these three leaders (at 98), he is still very healthy and active for he can apparently walk and attack his political enemies but only that his power is no longer there or is very limited while support for him is decreasing,” penned the self-proclaimed chef and businesswoman on the X (previously Twitter) platform.

“If you look at the new media reports, Tun Daim, a figure with extraordinary wealth, seems to be in poor health even though he is still young at around 84 years old.

“He looks frail on a wheelchair but his memory is still strong as he attempts to ward off his political enemies by inviting the people to fight and attack the prime minister even though the response was not encouraging.”

As for Taib who recently retired as the Sarawak Chief Minister, CIKY🅰️NIE noted that recent news reports have surprisingly claimed that he was allegedly “kidnapped” from the hospital by his wife and that “his health is not clearly known by the community or whether his memory is still good or otherwise”.

“But what is clear is that a family dispute has ensued (between his children and his second wife of Syrian origin Ragad Waleed Alkurdi) until the matter landed in the court of law and involved the police,” observed the netizen with a penchant for political and culinary tweets.

“These three good friends were very strong when they were in power and were feared by their opponents and friends alike; in fact, they were very respected when they were in power, anything that they had in mind would eventually happen … Their children were all very successful and wealthy.”

In summing up, CIKY🅰️NIE concluded that the lesson to be learnt here is that extraordinary wealth is apparently incapable of bringing the ultimate happiness in life.

“(Instead), wealth can spark chaos and family disputes (over inheritance matters); wealth is also not able to protect one’s immunity (against harms of sorts) because the only one who is most powerful and reigns supreme over everything is Allah SWT,” she conceded.

“And Allah SWT is ever forgiving … May these three distinguished public figures be forgiven by Allah and be bestowed with patience and peace at the tail-end of their lives … Indeed, a lesson for us, too.”

Below are three self-explanatory reactions from three fellow netizens: – Feb 7, 2024

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