Aiming for effective vaccine distributions via Project Fair Shot

Aiming for effective vaccine distributions via Project Fair Shot

Cloudflare Inc introduced Project Fair Shot to offer a free and fair way for vaccine distributors worldwide to use digital queues to safely scale their efforts.

Project Fair Shot will enable any government, municipality, hospital, pharmacy, or other organisation facilitating the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine access to Cloudflare Waiting Room.

Cloudflare Waiting Room is a transparent digital queue that sits in front of any registration website for people to know where they stand in line to sign up for a vaccine without leaving home.

According to a statement, by relying on Cloudflare’s global infrastructure, Project Fair Shot can scale regardless of demand without requiring organisations to dedicate limited IT resources to code changes.

Cloudflare Waiting Rooms can be deployed in front of any registration website without requiring engineering or coding. Each person requesting a vaccine appointment will get confirmation that they are in a queue.

When their time is up, they will be directed to the organisation’s signup page. Waiting Rooms can be further configured by each distributor to provide registrants with their estimated wait time, and in the future, to send alerts as their turn approaches.

While Project Fair Shot makes this available at no charge to vaccine distributors, Cloudflare Waiting Room also allows organisations of all kinds with high demand for a resource to allow individuals to queue and then fairly allocate access. – Jan 25, 2021