“AirAsia must ban influencer P.U Jamal for stalking, humiliating air stewardess with obscenity”

A CONCERNED netizen has reported controversial social media influencer to budget carrier AirAsia Hafiy Nazhan a.k.a. P.U Jamal for harassment after he tweeted an obnoxious post of an air stewardess of the airline on X (previously Twitter).

The netizen Animah Kosai (@SpeakUpAtWork) who claimed to be founder of The Speaking Up Network hoped that AirAsia could accord protection to the said air stewardess as well as barred P.U Jamal from all its flights.

The reaction came about after the 29-year-old influencer posted some rather obscene remarks on the air stewardess, including describing her as “you’re just a whxrx in the sky😫😭🥲🤣”.

Interestingly, the air stewardess hit back at P.U Jamal, prompting the latter to accuse her of “face-shaming” him and wanted her to be subject to disciplinary action after she teased that he would never qualify to become an air steward with “that face lmaoooooo”.

Given the public humiliation inflicted by P.U Jamal on the air stewardess, Animah Kosai has self-initiated a group of netizens to report his abuses.

At least two male netizens stood up for the air stewardess while describing P.U Jamal as a social menace.

At least one netizen considers the job of an air stewardess as a “honourable profession”.

However, true to the age-old adage that it takes two to tango, a female netizen reckoned that both the aggressor and victim do not need any sympathy.

Some netizens wonder if P.U Jamal truly has “strong cable” given he is still free to roam about despite having broken the law more than once.

Finally, a netizen claimed that in her quest to help the poor air stewardess, Aminah Kosai has indirectly been dancing to PU Jamal’s tune by partaking “rage farming”. – Feb 21, 2024


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