Alleged Menara TRX’s dress code infuriates netizens

ONCE again, the subject of dress codes seems to be causing frustration among Malaysians. Many have a preference for dressing down, prioritising comfort regardless of the occasion. 

However, there are certain establishments that are still trying to enforce a proper dress code for their visitors. Apparently, one of them is the new Menara TRX.

A note shared on a Twitter account indicated that the building management at Menara TRX prohibits the wearing of tank tops and flip-flops, sparking diverse opinions among the public.

While some individuals support the rule, others disagree. Nevertheless, the situation has raised questions about whether even high-end items like Gucci shorts and Hermès flip-flops would be denied entry. These luxury pieces align with the building’s upscale image.

Netizens in Malaysia are drawing attention to the country’s intense focus on dress codes, expressing concerns that public scrutiny hinders individual choices. Despite the varying opinions, a common agreement is formed on the significance of upholding basic decorum in public attire.

Furthermore, netizens are seeing this as a joke opportunity with some riling over the phrase “Premium A Grade.”

Subsequently, the term “Premium A Grade” often implies counterfeit luxury goods that imitate genuine products, carrying negative implications in modern times.

Fashion enthusiasts across the country would undoubtedly feel offended if someone questioned the authenticity of their RM50,000 Chanel bag by labelling it as a “Premium A Grade” model.

However, there are those who show support for the decision made by the building’s management. Some users stated that the Hermès sandals and some other luxury items are made to look sophisticated and different. – Aug 6, 2023

Main photo credit: New Straits Times

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