Aman Palestine graft case is slap in Hadi’s face for claiming non-Muslims are root causes of corruption

Letter to editor

ALMOST inevitably in Malaysia when large amounts of cash is involved, there will be hanky-panky of sorts.

The latest disconcerting news is that up to 41 accounts belonging to NGO (non-governmental organisation) Aman Palestine have been frozen by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC).

Last month, MACC launched an investigation into Aman Palestin in connection with alleged irregularities within the NGO’s fundraising activities for Palestinians. Reports alleged that stakeholders were dissatisfied with Aman Palestin’s approach to overseeing donation collections.

According to a statement by the anti-graft agency: “MACC has taken statements from key witnesses. Preliminary investigation has identified several issues involving the misappropriation of funds estimated at RM70 mil which was diverted for purposes other than the objectives of the establishment of the company.”

This letter is to highlight inflammatory statements by PAS head honcho Tan Sri Hadi Awang who in August this year blamed the non-Bumiputera community for making the bulk of the “roots of corruption”.

“They then damage our politics as they are the roots for corruption and the majority of them are non-Muslims and non-Bumiputera,” the Marang MP had posted on his Facebook page.

For the uninitiated, the Aman Palestine graft case involves large portions of cash donated by Muslims for a cause they deeply believe in. Were the monies mishandled by non-Muslims?

This missive is to underline that the non-Bumiputera community took great offence to Hadi’s inflammatory remarks. Many would like to hear the learned spiritual leader’s response to this case and how he will blame non-Bumiputera for it.

Truth of the matter is that greed and unfeasibly large amounts of money blinds regardless of one’s race or religion.

It is a sad indictment that monies destined for humanitarian aid has allegedly been abused. It is even sadder that certain politicians seem to think that this malaise is a disease brought about by specific communities.

The Aman Palestine case is a clear rebuttal of Hadi’s claim. – Nov 24, 2023


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