An escape from reality

Poison Apple

The journey at Poison Apple starts at the entrance with a charming little wooden Hobbit’s doorway and mini garden. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a smoky wishing well (that dispenses beer!), moving portraits of fairytale characters and holographic fairies – an ambience shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Poison Apple is by Caffeinees Group, the team behind Caffeinees Palace, Yamaguchi Fish Market, Black Market, Eight Gourmets Gala and Truly Wine. Its concept is inspired by the Poison Apple Tavern which appeared in animated movie “Shrek”, where villains gathered to have ‘unhappy hour’.

Whether it is to have cocktails at the bar, celebrations at the cosy lounge or get-togethers at the main dining area, Poison Apple is designed as an escape from reality into a land of fantasy. On special nights, catch the staff dressed up as elves and wizards and you may even notice a witch or two in the mix.

Poison Apple
Interior of Poison Apple

Poison Apple has over 200 different wines and liquors sourced from all over the globe as well as a comprehensive range of beers and ciders for every taste bud. If those are not your ‘poison’ of choice, you can sample fairy-tale themed bespoke cocktails or ‘potions’ delivered with a surprising and interesting twist.

The Poison Apple Signature cocktail is a special concoction inspired by mermaid tales and finished with an eye-catching presentation (smooth-sipping vodka and green apple syrup with soda); the Snow White’s Potion (a magical touch of vodka with white creme de cacao and coconut cream); and Witch’s Voodoo Cauldron (fruity red wine infused with mixed berries and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder).

Poison Apple
Snow White’s Potion

Besides an enchanting drinking atmosphere, Poison Apple prides itself on providing a delightful dining experience. With whimsically named dishes, you are bound to have your palate teased by hearty fusion offerings.
Recommendations at Poison Apple are seafood dishes such as the indulgent Lobster Omelette (poached lobster served in a stone pot with eggs) and the house speciality Seafood Tom Yum Mee Hoon.

Tantalising meat dishes are the Spicy Unicorn’s Leg (Lamb Shank cooked with fiery Szechuan pepper sauce served in a hot stone pot), The Beast Burger (Poison Apple’s signature burger with thick juicy beef and fried cheese patty) and Chilli Phoenix, a tender, smoked whole kampung chicken with a hint of applewood smokiness.

A must-try for spicy food lovers are the Griffin Wings (signature chicken wings with a Mala kick for that tingly sensation) as well as the Red Queen Spaghetti (Mala infused spicy pasta cooked with Szechuan pepper sauce with a choice of minced beef or chicken).


A dish made for cheese fans is the ‘Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone’, an extra-large garlic bread served with an abundance of savoury cheese goodness.

“We wanted to create a new concept that is whimsical yet cosy whilst inventing a menu that brings together both Asian and Western influences but most importantly flavours for the tastebuds of Malaysians, especially our love for spicy food,” said June Chang, Executive Director of Caffeinees Group.

“From the food and drinks to the decor and ambience, every detail has been carefully curated to evoke a magical and memorable experience.

We are also excited to collaborate with Somersby as one of its flagship outlet in Kuala Lumpur,” added Chang.

Located in Bandar Sunway, Poison Apple is open daily from 3pm till late. It is recommended to book in advance for groups larger than 6pax.

 For more information, visit its Instagram @poisonapplemy.

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