An online enquiry with Vietnamese F&B lady owner turns ‘explosive’ after subject of halal comes to fore

Editor’s note: Kindly read the entire article to avoid jumping into the wrong conclusion.

FRESH from a Cambodian lady being charged in court for making insulting remarks against the local Malay populace, another foreign citizen has found herself embroiled in controversy over a purported exchange via messenger service on Facebook (FB).

According to the post on X (formerly Twitter) shared by @BMVFM, a simple enquiry on a restaurant’s halal status led to an explosive encounter.

Having been enticed by the outlet’s promos, a FB user identified as Ahmad Zul had apparently wanted to celebrate his son’s birthday at Wow Roti, a Vietnamese restaurant in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

What he was not expecting were rude and offensive remarks by the business owner when queried over the restaurant’s halal certification.

The proprietor – supposedly a Vietnamese national residing here going by the moniker of Na Tran – suggested that local Muslims were overly enamoured with the halal issue.

According to her, it was enough that customers take her word for it and that she would not purposely serve pork to Muslim customers.

The online conversation quickly degenerated into a verbal sparring match with Na Tran claiming that the “low-class mentality” is the reason why Singapore pulled out of the Federation.

She further insinuated that local Malays were an uneducated bunch destined to forever serve in menial jobs. She even said they were only good enough to be janitors in her home country.

If that was not enough, Na Tran also took swipes at local faves Ramly Burger as “unhygienic rubbish prepared beside drains” and that nasi lemak was just a boring dish that did not warrant attention of tourists’ tastebuds.

The long conversation on Messenger was shared by @BMVFM, with the post generating over 1.3 million views at time of writing.

Given the incendiary remarks, it is unsurprising that local netizens have been swift in their condemnation.

There were the usual calls for a boycott.

Even though the alleged offender had changed her profile and erased the business page of Facebook, one netizen observed that the backlash on other platforms has been swift.

Of course, there were calls for the authorities to take action with one netizen even tagging Johor royalty on the post.

Whatever the case is, it must be noted that the purported perpetrator has since alleged that her account had been hacked and that her identity had been hijacked for nefarious purposes.

No doubt that the remarks are highly inflammatory and hugely insensitive to the host nation that has allowed her to earn a living.

But given that identity theft and hijacking of social media accounts are not uncommon, the claim must at least be investigated.

It is highly advised that the ‘real’ Na Tran lodges a police report and publicly disavow herself from those statements that are seemed designed to cause maximum offence.

Otherwise, be prepared to face possible prosecution as well as a backlash from a local populace that has so kindly welcomed her. – Feb 6, 2024

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