An outdoor lifestyle at your doorstep with Hiijauan Broga

MOKTHAR is an avid mountain biker and has been immersed in the sport since his teenage days. Now married with two young children, he has managed to transfer the love of this rugged activity to his family. Every weekend is an adventure with the quartet seeking out new terrain to conquer.

During a weekend sojourn at a popular nature trail in Semenyih, Mokthar spied a billboard advertising an upcoming development in the vicinity – Hiijauan Broga.

It was then that he began toying with the idea of moving into a locale that allowed him and his family to fully enjoy their two-wheeled pastime. One of the best nature trails would be at their doorstep and there would be no need to pack their riding gear onto the 4×4 or drive anywhere.

It would be a ride to the trail and back. The idea sounded wonderful to his family when he suggested it.

Online research revealed that Hijauan Broga is a development by public-listed entity HCK Capital Group (HCK). This filled Mokthar with confidence as the developer’s track record was good with its education cities series being hugely popular.

Hiijauan Broga is set to become HCK’s proposed Green and Smart Cities series, where eco-friendly and sustainable building practices will be part of the development’s underlying ethos. With this in mind, Mokthar began formulating plans to move his family into a location surrounded by nature.

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Main pic credit: Pexels/ Thảo pt

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