Another ‘dress code’ incident ignites the ire of netizens

AN incident where a man in shorts was forced to wear a sarong at a local council office in Kuala Selangor has ignited the ire of netizens on the X platform.

The incident took place on Thursday (Dec 14) and involved Rela personnel and the man in question. The Rela personnel were later heard telling the man that the sarong he tied was too short and should extend below the knee.

The incident was captured in a 55-second video that is making the rounds on social media. The said video depicts a man attempting to tie a “kain pelikat” before entering the premises.

Selangor local government committee chairman Ng Suee Lim spoke out against the matter, saying such an incident should not have taken place in a multicultural state.

“We have dress codes, but this is over the top. I have instructed the council to stop this. This should not have happened. These are ratepayers,” he told a local media portal.

On social media, netizens took the matter very seriously, condemning such demands by ‘officers’. – Dec 16, 2023

Main photo credit: FMT

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