Anwar declares official letters to gov’t depts must be in Malay

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim made an announcement during the launch of the Karnival Dekad Bahasa Kebangsaan and Dekad Membaca Kebangsaan that official letters sent to government departments must be in Malay.

He stated that any correspondence not in the national language would be promptly returned to the sender.

“I want to remind the public and private sectors of the directive that those who correspond in a language other than the national language, their letters will be sent back,” said the Tambun MP.

He also expressed concern about the confusion regarding the use of international languages in official correspondence.

“But there is an attitude taken that oversteps and deviates among some government departments, universities and private universities including the private sector which attempts to abandon the basis of the Constitution with regard to communicating with the government in the national language,” he added.

Moreover, Anwar stated that this directive should not be taken lightly, adding that a clearer one would be issued by the Civil Service Department on the matter.

According to the premier, achieving economic success would mean little if the national language, which is part of our culture were not championed.

Furthermore, the Pakatan Harapan leader clarified that his stance was not narrow-minded but emphasised the need to prioritise the use of the national language.

“I remind my friends that I would not have lectured at Washington University if I had not mastered the English language. But rooting down to earth and championing the national language is something intimate in nation-building.”

Anwar also went on to urge the younger generation to cultivate the habit of reading, which has been adversely affected in recent years due to the widespread use of social media. – Oct 25, 2023

Main photo credit: PMO

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