Are M’sians severely underpaid? X users have mixed reactions

A VIRAL post on X alleged that about 82% of Malaysians earn less than RM5,000 a month. This led some to conclude that Malaysians are underpaid.

However, some disagree with this sentiment and feel that they are earning enough.

Just this year, a significant number of graduates in Malaysia found themselves overqualified in an overcrowded job market. Due to a lack of positions that match their qualifications, many end up accepting low-skilled jobs with subpar starting pay.

According to the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI), 48.6% of Malaysian graduates were overqualified for their current jobs in 2021. The report emphasised the importance of active labour market initiatives to address this issue and maximise the return on higher education. 

Additionally, wage growth has stagnated, with 65.6% of graduates earning a starting salary below RM2,000. 

Furthermore, 35% of Malaysians earn below RM2,000. An X user stated that this means these individuals will not be having EPF contributions to their accounts. The user added that the country has failed to increase the living standards of its people. 

Another user claimed that over 80% of Malaysians should not blame the system at all but rather blame themselves for not working hard enough. But, other users disagree with this opinion. Users stated that those with a similar opinion are one of the few who are “privileged” in this country. 

Following that, a user added that the data shared showing the number of people earning less than RM5,000 should be compared to those who have qualifications or not. But, as stated earlier, there are plenty who are overqualified for the jobs they’re applying for. – June 23, 2024


Main photo credit: The Futuritzs

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