“Are the rules not applicable to politicians?” Netizens slams RapidKL for double standards

THE image of former prime minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin on the MRT heading towards Bukit Bintang sans masks has caused an uproar among netizens who accused RapidKL of practicing double standards especially when politicians are concerned.

Earlier today (May 30), RapidKL’s Customer Service Support Twitter account uploaded a picture on reminding travellers that wearing face mask is always mandatory when using public transportation and without a face mask, travelers will not be allowed to access the public transport system.

Enraged netizens replied to RapidKL’s reminder tweet with the video uploaded by the Bera MP on Sunday (May 28) showing Ismail Sabri, Khairy and their entourage all riding inside the MRT without their masks on.

Twitter user @taufiqhelios replied to RapidKL’s tweet with the video uploaded by Ismail Sabri with a caption “really double standard”.

Twitter user @AK_arvinkumar sarcastically noted that wearing masks is compulsory when it comes to ordinary citizens although the authorities turn a blind eye when politicians flout the rule.

“One of them is a former prime minister while the other, the former health minister. Excellent!” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, user @swad_shane noted how, in planes, wearing a mask is “encouraged” while in other modes of public transport and in hospitals, it is “compulsory”.

“Just change the rule to ‘encouraged’. Or else, make it compulsory everywhere in Malaysia. This is such a strange arrangement. I wonder what are the benefits [of enforcing such rules],” the user commented.

Echoing the previous user, @izk12345 pointed out that wearing a face mask is no longer necessary as Malaysians are no longer wearing them anywhere.

“We don’t even wear masks on a long flight. What is your decision based on? The World Health Organisation said [COVID-19] is no longer a health emergency so please just remove the mask mandate.”

Netizens also responded to Ismail Sabri’s Twitter video with the reminder posted by RapidKL earlier on.

Tagging Khairy in his retweet of RapidKL’s reminder, user @azharlegal asked the former health minister if it is no longer “wajib” (compulsory) for the public to don face masks.

Similarly, user @amer__aljeffrey wondered if Khairy was the one who came up with such a regulation in the first place.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the rule now that you’re no longer a minister,” he said. – May 30, 2023

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