Art to soothe pain in the heart of murdered Nhaveen’s mother

AMIDST all the cries of ‘injustice’ over the acquittal of five men for the murder of T. Nhaveen earlier this month by the Penang High Court, an artist’s tribute to the victim’s mother has touched netizens’ hearts.

A TikTok video uploaded by @nareshbabucf showed the victim’s mother breaking down in tears when presented with a portrait of her late son hugging her.

It was an extremely touching moment as the mother’s tears could be seen dripping onto the painting designed by the Creative Factory Painting Team.

Nhaveen passed away in 2017 after a brutal assault which included burns and objects being shoved into his anus, shocked the nation.

But even more shocking to Malaysians of all backgrounds is that the five alleged perpetrators were freed by the Penang High Court ruling that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case earlier this month.

The mother’s grief in the TikTok video is palpable as she demanded that justice be served so that no other person would suffer a similar fate as her son.

The efforts of the Creative Factory Painting Team is to be applauded as it is a touching tribute to the victim and his mother.

This case demands more attention and the painting has helped shine a spotlight on it. – Oct 13, 2023

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