Atelier+ LoSo Suites, a perfect meeting place for like-minded individuals

ISMAIL is doing his post-graduate IT programme at a private university in the education hub of Cyberjaya. Previously he did his Bachelor’s degree in Nottingham.

The startling difference between the local campus and the one in Nottingham, Ismail noted, was the sheer number of clubs and societies with a political slant.

Activism and proactive debates were the norm at the university in the UK but the local campus held no political activity of any type.

He felt this was wrong as universities were supposed to be breeding grounds for future leaders. The idealist in Ismail spurred him to do something.

He was already staying in very comfortable digs in edusphere, a development by HCK Capital Group. His 450sq ft Northwood studio unit was perfect for him as a part-time postgraduate student who also worked in one of the many IT firms based in Cyberjaya.

Ismail noted that edusphere also had lifestyle and small office suites called the Atelier+ LoSo suites. He decided that he wanted to form a political club aligned with a certain mainstream party.

He began sending out feelers online to student associations based in Cyberjaya. His efforts quickly generated many positive responses from like-minded individuals.

A pro-tem committee was formed and they reached out to the political party for support. The local MP pledged a small sum towards the rental of the clubhouse and promised that their efforts would be backed by the party.

In less than six months, the clubhouse was a reality and the membership drive had attracted several hundred applicants! The venue was full of student activists keen to discuss the political issues of the day.

A coffee bar, meeting room and a resource center were set up within the comfortable confines of the Atelier+ LoSo suite. Plans to invite elected officials to give talks were in the pipeline and Ismail was extremely proud of his efforts.

Want to be like Ismail? Then check out the Atelier+ LoSo suites at – Dec 8, 2023


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