Atelier+ offers a cosy meeting place

LINDA is an expatriate who relocated to Cyberjaya with her husband who is a regional director for a logistics company based in Malaysia’s IT hub.

While socialising with her circle of expatriates and senior management friends, she noted that quite a few of them had mentioned their desire to have an exclusive private members’ club. The club should ideally allow corporate high flyers to meet and network in a casual environment.

“Private and cosy like the many unmarked social clubs in London,” remarked a fellow expatriate.

“Perhaps one that offered something unique aside from comfortable meeting rooms,” said another.

After giving some thought to it, Linda came up with the idea of a private members’ club specialising in fine cigars. She told her husband that it would be called ‘The Huff and Puff’.

Noting that Cyberjaya itself had many expatriates, she decided to scout for a location close to her home. Her search brought her to edusphere, a mixed-integrated development featuring commercial, retail and lifestyle options.

She had a choice between the lifestyle suites or the LoSo units. Linda preferred the latter option in the form of the Atelier+ as the layout allowed for a couple of private rooms as well as a larger lounge area. Two features of the Atelier+ will benefit her private smokers’ club.

Firstly, the high ceiling allowed for a mezzanine extension which was perfect for a humidor. Secondly, her real estate agent counselled that the units without frontage would be more competitively priced.

The real estate agent also informed her that edusphere was being developed by HCK Capital Group, a reputable property developer with a great reputation for maintaining the upkeep of their projects.

This sealed the deal and Linda made arrangements for her real estate agent to negotiate for a suitable Atelier+ unit. Her next step was to source for quality cigars and start spreading the word that a new private members’ club would be opening its doors soon.

Looking to be an entrepreneur like Linda? Find out more about Atelier+ at – Nov 17, 2023

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