Atelier+LoSo offers flexibility for small businesses

NICK has been operating a boutique music store specialising in vinyl records. He has worked hard to curate a following on social media as well, predating the current vinyl boom and making his store among the more popular music emporiums in town.

Nick has been mulling about changing the location of his store, which is currently in a hip shopping mall. Relying less on walk-in customers, Nick’s customers are mainly collectors who seek him out.

He believed it was unnecessary to spend so much on rentals for visibility at his current location. What he really needed was ample space for his vast stock of precious vinyl records and a comfortable environment for his clientele to spend time ‘crate digging’ and listening to some tunes.

His search led him to check out the Atelier + LoSo units in edusphere. He noted that some units without the main frontage commanded more reasonable rental rates.

He also noted there were ample parking facilities that would attract his niche clientele who came principally to check out his stock, and not any other shops in the mall.

Also, the Atelier + layout has a high ceiling which allows for a purpose-built mezzanine floor that could serve as an office space. As an added bonus, he noted that edusphere was located near a number of universities that matched his client profile.

While not relying on walk-ins, this nonetheless offered a chance for him to attract more vinyl record lovers from this demographic via flyers and targeted online ads. Being close to where they studied and lived would surely be a boon to his business.

Noting that edusphere was part of HCK Capital Group’s education city series further filled him with confidence. Nick began to consider purchasing an Atelier + unit rather than renting one, as he noted the organisation as a publicly listed entity with a reputation for delivering quality finished products.

A quick visit to the edusphere site in Cyberjaya further convinced him of its viability, as accessibility was easy and relatively traffic-free. With his business growing and the Atelier + providing an affordable long-term solution, Nick decided to invest in a unit.

He has already made plans to turn it into the coolest record store in town with a digital walk-thru of the premises, allowing for a one-of-a-kind online crate digging experience.

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