Author Uthaya Sankar taken to Bukit Aman for questioning over social media post

KAVYAN Writers’ Group founder Uthaya Sankar SB has taken for questioning at Bukit Aman police headquarters over a post on social media in relation to artiste Iman Zulkarnain.

“Saya sedang dibawa ke balai polis sri muda kerana ada orang lapor ke bukit aman tentang posting ini.

“Sedang dibawa ke bukit aman. Kerana paparan ini. Mungkin ditahan, mungkin ikat jamin. Ada peguam boleh datang?” he asked, via a series of messages to FocusM.

(I’m being taken to Bukit Aman as someone lodged a report over my posting. Might get detained or may get a bail. Can a lawyer come?)

On April 6, Malaysiakini reported Iman as saying that he regretted to have practised polygamy as he seemed to have failed his wives.

The artiste added that despite the trying times, he learnt a valuable lesson from it and urged other men “not to take any chances”.

“Think carefully before practising polygamy. Be sure that you can be fair to all your wives including in terms of finances,” Iman was reported as saying.

Following his comments, Uthaya Sankar took to social media and quoted a Hadith, in relation to practising polygamy. – April 11, 2022

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