Axia driver caught in the act beating Penang’s traffic snarl by ‘cruising along’ motorcycle lane

WITH a long weekend looming with Hari Raya Haji falling on Monday (June 17), many citizens will take the opportunity to balik kampung – a common sight whenever there are festive breaks.

However, chances are many motorists are stuck in long jams en route to their hometowns with impatient kids continuously asking, ‘”are we there yet?”.

One enterprising motorist had a novel solution to beating the traffic gridlock – drive on the motorcycle lane!

A video clip posted on the PenangToday Community Facebook Forum shows a Perak-registered Perodua Axia (AJA 8316) breezily cruising past the many cars and trucks stuck in a heavy traffic jam by illegally driving on a lane reserved for two-wheel vehicles.

Many netizens were unimpressed by the driver’s stunt which was recorded at 6pm yesterday (June 13). They summed up the general sentiment by labelling the driver as ‘stupid’ and “waiting to be summoned”.

Many tagged the relevant authorities with the hope that appropriate action will be taken against the errant motorist.

One netizen commented on how “smart” this driver is for using the motorcycle lane for his/her own convenience.

Some Penangites were quick to point out the ‘A-reg’ (Perak) of the vehicle, saying that local islanders were not as bad as their Silver State peers when behind the wheel.

Some commenters asked a pertinent question regarding how the driver rejoined the main thoroughfare.

One netizen cheekily suggested that the driver also rode a motorcycle, hence was confused as to which vehicle he/she was commandeering that day.

Some though saw it as “revenge” against motorcyclists who use roads meant for heavy vehicles only.

One comment though reflected the self-entitled attitude of the driver who obviously thinks the rules don’t apply to him/her.

In the rush to get to their destinations, motorists are gently reminded to stay cool in the face of gridlocked roads. Bending the rules will probably result in a hefty summons or worse, lead to an accident.

FocusM wishes all Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya Haji and ‘Happy Holidays’ to all Malaysians – and a gentle reminder to be conscientious on the road. – June 14, 2024

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