“Baffling decision to drop Charles Santiago and Wong Tack from seats”

IT DEFIES logic when a performing individual is, for unintelligible reasons, denied the opportunity to continue his or her exemplary performance.

Meritocracy demands that those who have excelled in their field of work ought to be recognised for their contributions and allowed to continue their service.

That philosophy, apparently, does not seem to strike a chord with the DAP leadership, at least in the glaring case of Charles Santiago, who was MP for Klang, and, by extension, Wong Tack, the outgoing MP for Bentong.

The DAP’s decision to dump these individuals and its sketchy reasons for the move ought to concern all who treasure meritocracy as a defining characteristic in the choice of candidates, whether it is Charles Santiago, Wong Tack or others.


Wong Tack. (Photo credit: Sinar Harian)

On merit, I am convinced there is no challenging the credentials of Charles Santiago or, for that matter, Wong Tack.

So why has the DAP leadership excluded them from defending their seats?

The official version, in Santiago’s case, is that his third term as MP was to be his last – and this was supposedly communicated to him in 2018.

But the issue is whether this is party policy? Obviously not, several DAP MPs have been slotted to contest in the upcoming general election even though they have served over three terms.

One cannot be faulted for concluding that the decision to drop the two MPs may have been influenced by the lobby of factions within the party.

The DAP leadership has an obligation to come clean in the matter. It is not only the constituents of Klang and Bentong who have a right to know the truth but also all who have supported the party for upholding the principles of meritocracy and transparency. – Oct 31, 2022

K Veeriah is a veteran trade union based in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. 

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main picture credit: The Sun Daily 


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