Bangi MP uses own allocation to give Kajang health clinic a shot in the arm

BANGI MP Syahredzan Johan has taken an unconventional approach. Allocating RM343,000 from his MP allocations, he has undertaken the task of upgrading the emergency department (ED) of Klinik Kesihatan Kajang, a clinic within his constituency.

This initiative constitutes more than 17% of the RM2 mil Mesra Rakyat allocation provided to MPs for infrastructural developments in their respective constituencies, according to health news portal CodeBlue.

The DAP leader decided on the move to bypass the lengthy red tape associated with clinic expansions and upgrades if they were done through the Health Ministry.

“I think if you look at the Health Ministry’s budget, it has one of the biggest budgets for any ministry. And it has been the case for several years already. But even with this budget, this allocation is not enough… when you’re talking about the need to subsidise the cost, the need to build new hospitals and clinics and so on and so forth.

“So, if we were to wait for the ministry for its plans to upgrade it (the clinic’s ED), we don’t know how long that will take,” CodeBlue quoted Syahredzan as saying.

Moreover, the decision to allocate these funds directly was fueled by the challenges posed by the lengthy red tape typical of government projects, especially in the healthcare sector.

The Health Ministry received RM36.3 bil in Budget 2023. Despite its substantial budget, a mere 13% (RM4.8 bil) was earmarked for development in 2023, leaving vital projects like the Kajang public health clinic’s ED upgrade in limbo.

The Kajang public health clinic faced severe overcrowding, with nearly 1,000 patients visiting on busy days. Beds in the ED are closely packed, highlighting the urgent need for expansion.

Syahredzan noted that with the upgrade, the clinic would have more space for emergency treatments. With his allocation, the clinic will undergo extensive renovations, including building expansion and electrical wiring improvements.

MOH is responsible for project execution, and any delays or additional costs will be borne by the ministry. The project is expected to be completed in three months with the ED reopening tentatively in early November.

Furthermore, Syahdredzan pointed out that the Kajang hospital is also in need of expansion but admitted that MPs’ allocations are not sufficient to meet that end.

“I think MPs and assemblypersons need to constantly find new ways to maximise the allocation that’s been given. You don’t have to spend too much to actually have a big impact. I think we need to start looking at how we can actually assist our local communities using the allocations that we have in increasingly creative ways.

“A lot of the issues here are actually due to lack of facilities, lack of infrastructure in terms of coping with overpopulation. So, how can MPs and assemblypersons help out? I think, if you have an experienced team in your office, MPs can actually do a lot of good with their limited allocations,” he said. – Oct 13, 2023



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