Benefits of going private at Peninsula

HCK Education (a subsidiary of HCK Capital Group) has announced that it was opening doors to its new Peninsula Private School (PPS) with a pioneer intake schedule for March next year.  

This is in response to high demands for a private school to cater to the Setia Alam populace as well as those from surrounding neighbourhoods. 

The PPS campus will be located next to the Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) (PISA).  

PPS Principal Tan Seaw Chin pointed out that aside from a few campus facilities, both schools are completely independent institutions, each offering different syllabi delivered by different teams of academics.  

While PPS will offer an enhanced national curriculum culminating in SPM while PISA offers an Australian syllabus culminating in the Victoria Certificate of Education.  

“What both schools have in common is an adherence to delivery of quality education in a safe, secure and comfortable environment,” Tan remarked.  

“PPS was launched to meet a demand for a private school in the locale. The syllabus may be the same but there are numerous differences between a public and private school setting.”  

The most obvious difference would be the number of students per class. Unlike in a public school, PPS classes will be capped at 25 pupils per class, enabling teachers to give each individual student thorough and required attention.  

This is where Peninsula’s famed personalised teaching philosophy comes into play whereby teachers use data and analytics to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to tailor lessons to suit individual needs. 

Tan firmly believes that the low student-teacher ratio inevitably lead to higher academic standards.

A low student-teacher ratio is crucial allow for a more interactive brand of learning allowing students to go beyond mere rote learning,” said the educator who has over two decades of teaching experience aligned with many years as administrator of private learning centres.  

“PPS hand picks its teachers and they will deliver the national curriculum in a holistic and engaging manner than is only possible in a private setting.”  

Parents considering sending their children to PPS can also look forward to various other value-added benefits that are in the pipeline.  

These include multiple-language programme that will help transition into higher education and also special emphasis on Mandarin. Given it state-of-the-art campus, students will also be privy to more co-curricular opportunities.  

“Education is the way to nurture a child’s potential in self and social awareness, leadership, through the inculcation of values and character and cultivating life-long learning, granting them the confidence to pursue what they want, flourishing no matter where they are and being an active contributor to the global community,” Tan elaborated, stressing the importance of giving children the best educational opportunities possible.  

For more information on PPS, please call:  011-3783 2390. – Nov 25, 2022 


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