Best gym workouts for senior citizens

MANY senior citizens are making the move towards strata living, finding the convenience and smaller layouts more conducive to their lifestyles. The availability of on-site swimming pools, jogging tracks and gymnasiums also encourage a more active lifestyle.

However, it can be safely said that the gymnasium at many high-rise developments is under-utilised by this demographic of residents. To get started in the gym, here are a few suggested workouts for senior citizens to try out:


When walking outdoors is not feasible due to the weather, using a gym’s treadmill is a great way to maintain fitness.

These machines have the added advantage of speed and incline control, allowing for a highly customised workout to suit individual preferences. Most treadmills will be equipped with displays, so users can monitor their footsteps, average speed and even estimated calories burnt.

Stationary bikes

Cycling Spin bikes, also known as stationary bikes, provide an excellent low-impact exercise suitable for all fitness levels.

These stationary bikes deliver a great cardiovascular workout while enhancing muscle strength, mobility, and endurance. Place a mobile phone on the dash and the workout can be accompanied by some viewing entertainment in the shape of a favourite TV series.

Weights and barbells

Weight training starting with low-intensity exercises can help prepare senior citizens for more vigorous workouts.

As your muscles become accustomed to regular activity, you can incorporate resistance into your routine with moderate body weight or strength training to counteract the loss of muscle mass, known as sarcopenia.

Free weights and resistance bands offer a variety of movement options to gradually increase workout intensity. – June 19, 2024

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