Beware of the season when old scandalous, malicious pics will circulate once again

THEY say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this regard, Malaysians have to wise up as visuals of old ‘scandalous-natured’ photos are bound to make their rounds or re-surface on social media in the run-up to the upcoming state elections as political rivals take digs at each other.

Imagine an old photo of some innocent South Korean tourists who bought the tudung (Muslim headscarf) as souvenirs and don them purely for fashion sake (due to ignorance) at klia2 can be given a ‘subtle makeover’ by pro-Islamist cybertropeers to paint a picture as if the unity government is closing its eyes by allowing the image of Islam to be scarred.

Worst still, it will not be surprising for religious bigots to link the abuse of what is deemed a sacred Muslim dress code to the religious authorities being lax in their enforcement because DAP opposes stringent action when the true fact is that DAP has never intervened in religious affairs for it respects the status of Islam as the country’s official religion.

While that is from a political standpoint, thankfully the public at large is not fuming over the matter for they are well-aware of the ‘head and tail’ of the story.

“It’s okay, let them taste the sweet of menutup half aurat (cover half of the sensitive body parts according to Islam),” suggested Izzara Irene on the Meanwhile in Malaysia Facebook page which re-posted the photo from the Bolehland community on Reddit.

Netizen Ernie Filan even teased the Korean girls by recommending them to wear the tudung during the chilling winter while Hran Cisca Sim opined that the Korean girls should not be faulted but instead “blame the seller for not informing them the purpose of the tudung”.

However, Jingo Mwabe Lim wished to differ by asking Hran Cisca Sim how she knew that the seller did not inform the Korean tourists on the purpose of the headscarf prior to their purchasing the tudung.

“If you want to avoid such things (from) happening, then Malaysia should ban selling tudung to non-Muslims. Only Muslims can purchase the tudung just like how people below the age of 18 cannot buy cigarettes,” suggested the netizen.

Tata Blankkett shared her experience of coming across a male tourist who donned the hijab as sun protection. “I said (to him) it’s for girl but he said he is wearing it as sunshield,” recalled the netizen.

In conclusion, it could be all about certain irresponsible passer-by who purportedly snapped the eye-catching or seemingly controversial photo that has viral effect to be uploaded on the social media.

“People just snapped the picture and blame them (the Korean girls). Dared not even to confront the tourists yet simply upload on social media to invite bashing,” lamented netizen Mohd Nakhaie Hashim. – June 13, 2023

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