Biomass fuel producer BioEneco receives green gold label certification

BIO Eneco Sdn Bhd (BioEneco), a leading Malaysia-based biomass fuel producer, manufacturer and supplier, has reinforced its commitment to provide sustainable quality biomass products after having recently attained the Green Gold Label (GGL).

Established in 2002, GGL is an international certification programme for sustainable biomass. It is owned by the Green Gold Label Foundation and is among the earliest biomass certification schemes.

GGL is designed to provide assurances that sourced biomass products are from a sustainable source. The scheme takes both the origin (forest management or agricultural) and the supply chain information (energy and carbon) into account.

It is also aligned with national regulation under the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) 2021-2025 guided by the pillars of sustainability (economy, social and environment) aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by as early as 2050 and international regulations for sourcing sustainable biomass such as the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition (SDE++) and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI) Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

BioEneco earned the coveted GGL certification due to its:

  • Ability to observe and comply with external statutory laws and regulations;
  • Sustainable and lawful sourcing; and
  • Fair working conditions

In Malaysia, there are around four biomass producers for palm kernel shell (PKS), including BioEneco which received the GGL certification as of May 2023. This further strengthens the company’s position as one of Malaysia’s leading biomass fuel producers and suppliers.

“The certification reflects our efforts in ensuring that our business practices are compliant and sustainable. However, we firmly believe this is just the start of our journey in providing international biomass products to our clients,” commented BioEneco’s managing director Oliver Yeo.

Oliver Yeo

“Moving forward, we will continue to drive positive changes in our business operations that are sustainable to the environment but high in efficiency.”

Established in 2011, BioEneco’s biomass fuel products include wood pellet, wood chips, PKS and empty fruit bunch (EFB) as well as biomass energy solutions.

Additionally, BioEneco has also obtained a patent from MyIPO (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia) in September 2022 for its production line.

Its patented high technology allows BioEneco’s production line to remove the impurities from PKS efficiently and equip them with a UV (ultraviolet) sterilisation system to kill bacteria. – May 29, 2023

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