BN Youth wing wants 30% of seats for BN in state polls

THE Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth want to make sure the coalition gets 30% of seats in the upcoming state polls.BN Youth deputy chairman Mohd Hairi Md Shah said they are proposing more young people as candidates while the coalition has to weed out the old faces.“The people see and evaluate the current leadership. Because of that, ‘seats’ (chairs) for Youth, including Puteri, should be highlighted to secure the future,” Berita Harian reported him as saying.

Hairi, who is also Umno’s Youth election director said that his party had met with the Youth machinery from six states that will be involved in the state election (PRN) during the recent UMNO General Assembly (AGM).The BN Youth do not see any trouble working with the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Youth in the PRN.On the other hand, Amanah’s Youth wing is confident in the ability of the unity government led by PH to maintain dominance in the three states of Selangor, Penang, and Negri Sembilan in the next PRN.

Amanah Youth election bureau director Asmaaliff Abdul Adam pointed out that PH’s excellent administrative record in fairness, integrity and authoritative institutions are all benchmarks.He added that this is the reason for the people’s support. Hence, he invites the locals to continue to vote for the PH in the three states.“We invite all Malaysians to continue to defend the agenda of justice, freedom, and well-being for all levels of society by respecting the diversity of races and religions that the unity government strives for.“This approach coincides with the Constitutional Monarch system which also defends the interests of the Malays and the Islamic religion practised in our country,” he penned on his social media account today. – June 17, 2023


Main photo credit: NST

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