Bonding over ‘bubur lambuk’ at SEGi University & Colleges

DIVERSITY is the key driver that made SEGi University & Colleges an international hub of educational excellence while enhancing its positioning among other leading institutions around the globe.

Commenting on SEGi’s 45 years of excellence as a well-established comprehensive quality education provider, group managing director Tan Sri Clement Hii said: “Our strong presence in the academic arena means students can be assured that their needs will be met throughout their study years on our campuses. This assurance aligns with our brand promise, ‘The Best in You, Made Possible’.”

“We take pride in our delivery of world-class learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to our comprehensive curriculum and programmes, SEGi believes in the holistic approach of educating our students’ minds and character,” he added.

As one of Malaysia’s largest private higher learning institution groups, SEGi is home to approximately 18,000 students from nearly 100 countries across five campuses across Klang Valley, Penang and Sarawak.

Over the years, SEGi University & Colleges has established various initiatives – namely SEGi CONNECT, Mentor-Mentee system, SEGi Enrichment Programme, Academic Skills Unit, Global Industry Placement, SEGi Employment Readiness Programme, and SEGi Corporate Partners – to promote students’ well-being and inclusion on campus.

The concept of muhibbah was well showcased during the recent fasting month when students, lecturers and staff from SEGi University, SEGi College Subang Jaya and SEGi College Sarawak took part in distributing more than 1,500 portions of bubur lambuk (lightly spiced rice porridge) in their respective campuses.

According to SEGi University Volunteer Community (SUVC) 2022/2023’s president Eltayeb Elnagi Abdelgadir Mohamed Elbakri, the best takeaways were the spirit of sharing and a strong sense of unity felt during the event.

“I had my first taste of bubur lambuk during my foundation, and I am very honoured to continue this local tradition at SEGi,” said the Sudanese student who is in his final year of Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons).

According to Eltayeb, about 30 students took part in the event held on April 14. “It was fascinating to see participants of different nationalities, races and religions working shoulder to shoulder to make this bubur lambuk event a success.

“We even had assistance from the local mosque who not only loaned us the large pots we needed to cook the bubur lambuk but also shared the recipe to make the savoury rice porridge.”

Given that it is the first on-campus gathering since the pandemic outbreak, the SEGi University Volunteer Community also hosted an iftar dinner on the evening of the bubur lambuk distribution.

“We initially planned to break our fast with about 50 students residing in the SEGi hostel but we ended up hosting 200 people! Thankfully, we had enough food to share, and everyone had a good time,” added Eltayeb Elnagi.

Suffice to say, the students, lecturers and the community were ecstatic to be a part of the experience, a true display of Malaysian hospitality at its finest.

In a nutshell, SEGi welcomes and supports a diverse community of remarkable talents. We know that to make a better world, we must work to continually create a better SEGi.

“With that inspiration, we strive to remove barriers to talents wherever we find them, build mutual understanding across our campus, celebrate our incredible range of cultures and backgrounds, and help everyone in our community feel at home,” enthused Hii.

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