“Boycott chicken”, netizens say following expose of “cartel” attempting to cut supply

YESTERDAY, a Malay daily alleged that a group of cartels involving in the poultry business were planning to shut down chicken farms this coming weekend to protest against the Government’s purported delay in providing subsidies; 60 sen per chicken.  

According to Utusan Malaysia, the closure over the weekend would skyrocket chicken prices, affecting consumers and retailers.  

“The ‘hidden hand’ tried to ration chicken supply in the market in the past but failed. So now, they are attempting to shut down farms.  

“Their excuse is that the Government had delayed in providing the subsidy given that chicken feed costs have escalated. They claim the authorities are unsympathetic towards the supply issues despite rising costs,” the daily quoted a source as saying.  

Irate by the news, netizens took to social media and urged consumers to stop purchasing chicken until the cartel comes back to their senses

(Let us not buy chicken anymore. Let their costs escalate. It all depends on us)  

Echoing Zulkanine’s sentiments, user Razman Hakimi Abdullah added: 

(Good idea. Let us not purchase chicken for a week. Our Government is too weak as they are busy politicking. We have to fend for ourselves.)  

Netizen Lakeming Lake Manggih retorted: 

(Let them do it. We can go with other alternatives. Get the cartel to eat all the chicken themselves including the coops)  

With food prices skyrocketing across the board, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced yesterday the Government would abolish AP for food imports with immediate effect.  

“This will enable all parties to import any food items into the country. The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry would later announce the details on the AP matter. 

“Previously, there were APs to import beef and cattle but from today, these are no longer required and anyone can import whatever food items to ensure sufficient supply,” the Bera MP added. 

Take on the cartels  

On that note, user Irfan Mikael urged the Government to blacklist and revoke license of those who attempting to short-change consumers for their vested interests.  

(Blacklist and revoke their licenses. Allow other parties such FELDA, FELCRA and FAMA to run the show instead of depending on middlemen)  

Netizen Ahmad Ariffian Bujang remarked:

(The authorities must declare war on such cartels and revoke their business licences) – May 19, 2022

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