Boycotted Starbucks is now using hijabi models for their buy 1 free 1 campaign

STARBUCKS is one of the biggest foreign coffee stores in Malaysia but with the conflict in Gaza and calls for boycotts, business has been reportedly bad. Now, it appears that they are trying to be more inclusive with campaigns showing hijabi models promoting the brand.Malaysia isn’t the only country boycotting Starbucks and McDonalds. There are reports from the media overseas that Indonesia and Arab countries are doing the same.Recently, former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made a public statement stating that Malaysians need to continue boycotting these brands. For some, they feel that the boycotts are ineffective, but for others, they feel that they are making a dent in these companies’ revenue.

Nevertheless, @StarbucksMY stated:

It attracted several negative comments. Twitter user  @syazaismail said:

Some users on Twitter find it inappropriate that Starbucks is using hijabi models to promote their holiday season items. Typically, their holiday season items are about Christmas, which most of the hijabis in Malaysia do not celebrate. This is because it is another religion’s holiday.Others noticed that the company is offering more promotions these days.

Netizen @RmdhnJava added:

At the end of the day, netizens have stood on their ground and seemingly appear to be continuing the boycotts. The conflict is still not over, hence the boycotts will seemingly continue for those who are against Israel. – Nov 26, 2023

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