Buy Palestinian products a common sense suggestion

AMIDST all the rhetoric and chest-beating over the current Israel-Palestine conflict, one politician sought to inject some common sense into the heated discussions.

Instead of making empty claims or waving emotive banners at gatherings held thousands of miles away from the conflict, DAP organising secretary Steven Sim made a common-sense suggestion to buy Palestine products as a way to show solidarity.

Steven Sim (Photo credit: Bernama)

Expressing his support for their independence, Sim, who is also a deputy finance minister, said this is the least he can do since it is impossible for him to join the fight in Palestine.

“Because of the Holocaust oppression of the Palestinian people, not only did they lose their lives, but the blockade in the West Bank made the Palestinian people be robbed of RM16 bil a year.

“Since 1967, approximately one million olive trees belonging to the Palestinian people have been confiscated. I cannot afford to fight in Gaza. But every year I buy Palestinian products such as olive oil and dates. We Malaysians need to support by buying Palestinian products,” he was quoted as saying at the pro-Palestine rally held at Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil yesterday (Oct 24).

Such a common-sense suggestion is to be applauded. A ‘Buy Palestine’ campaign will surely be a more effective way to show solidarity.

Waving banners proclaiming ‘Israel cuak’ (Israel fearful) at the recent rally at faraway locations will do nothing for the plight of the oppressed Palestinian people. Does anyone really think Israel is quacking in its boots over these flags?

As for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s speech stating that Malaysia bows to no one in the quest to help Palestinians in their struggle, one wonders: does this extend to boycotts and bans of pro-Israel nations?

As for taking the protests online, making incendiary pro-Hamas remarks on TikTok does little besides getting one’s account suspended.

Sim’s suggestion should be given greater traction as it is workable and has long-term objectives. Instead of taking up arms, as suggested by some quarters, this proposal is a realistic idea that can be supported by all Malaysians.

Meanwhile, PAS Youth stated it will continue with plans to hold a pro-Palestine rally in front of the US Embassy on Saturday (Oct 28), with possibility of anti-Semitic chants and banners very much to the fore.

It is hoped that Malaysians use a little common sense in showing solidarity with Palestinians. Instead of shouting inflammatory remarks at rallies that are ignored by the international community, make a real contribution by supporting the Palestinian economy. – Oct 25, 2023


Main photo credit: AFP

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