Call to increase hospital RM1 fee bashed by Twitter users

AN article published in several Malay language online portals called for a drastic increase in the fees charged by government health clinics was not well received on Twitter where users are criticising the idea.

The article said the RM1 fee should be increased from RM5 to RM20 as the current fee is deemed unreasonable.

It cited Ikram Health Association (IKRAM Health) Dr Mohd Afiq Mohd Nor who said the existing fee is considered unreasonable, especially when the cost of treatment is increasing.

“In the future, health clinics and the emergency medicine department may charge RM5 and even specialist clinics may charge RM15 to RM20,” he is quoted as saying

The paper also compares private clinic fees to government clinics, saying a consultation and medication for common illnesses such as fever or flu can cost between RM70 and RM90 in private clinics.

Even if the government were to raise the fee to RM10, it would still be considered affordable, it said.

A user blamed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for this. But others have a different view, with some saying it is okay to increase the fares for M40 and T20, for example.

User @amal_skylar23 Funny, since PMX (Anwar) has taken over, the people are being oppressed. That could mean that people who are struggling in life will not be going to government hospitals soon because they cannot afford them.

“Whose idea is this? Do you think M40 and T20 are the ones who are eligible for these services?” the frustrated user wrote.

User @fitriiiiiimn has a different perspective however on the issue.

“Stupid,  everything that others (who are stupid) say, they attributed to PMX or other ministers since they are in power. Later, something that I suggest will also come out in the news and people may say this is PMX idea or that of his ministers.

“Too many people like to read the headlines only,” the user said.

Meanwhile, a user defended Anwar who is accused of the idea to increase the clinic fees at government centres.

User @hrashidah3 added:

“In which country are you living? Malaysians had a hard time under Perikatan Nasional. Many lost their jobs and fell from M40 to B40 and this is not under Anwar’s rule but under PN. The price of goods was not controlled when PN was in power.” – June 3, 2023

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