Can Saravanan be fourth term MP, now with contender PKR’s Saraswathy?

INCUMBENT Tapah MP Datuk M. Saravanan might have to fight harder to defend his parliamentary seat after an Opposition candidate from PKR is slated to take on the MIC deputy president.

Saraswathy, an Indian contender and also happens to be contesting for the first time is confident that she will wrest the seat from the three term MP. Saravanan on the other hand, is expected to defend his seat. 

While Saravanan claims he has won the hearts of the Tapah people and is doing a good job in his constituency, Saraswathy represents the Opposition who had formed the previous Government during the 14th general election (GE14). The country did not go to the polls after that, thus the Nov 19 polls is expected to be the most anticipated one, where there is a likelihood that the Opposition may come into power again. 

Saravanan may have been doing a great job in Tapah, but he still represents MIC, a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party. The coalition has faced a lot of challenges with the rise of the Pakatan Harapan government in 2018 after a wave of change voted the Opposition coalition into power.

The rakyat after 50 years of BN rule decided it was time to give the mandate to the Opposition. The Indian community on the other hand have been marginalised for decades, especially those from the B40 community and are hopeful of Pakatan to make some changes for them and improve their livelihoods. 

Saravanan’s rival, Saraswathy, a lawyer by profession, is determined and committed to fight money politics and abuse of power and position. 

She was quoted by FMT as saying, “For example, Saravanan is organising a job carnival in Tapah. Although it is his ministry’s programme, his photos are placed prominently which appears to be a subtle form of campaign. Government funds are being used for election publicity.

“Voters are more mature now and can see through such abuses of power by BN leaders. I am confident that I can fight all odds and wrest the seat for PH.” she said confidently. 

The Tapah constituency is made up of 28,000 Malay voters, Chinese (14,000), Orang Asli (9,700) and Indians (8,500).

Indians make up a small majority here. While the rest are made up of Malay majority voters, will Saraswathy be given the mandate by the people of Tapah? – Nov 1, 2022


Main photo credit: Free Malaysia Today 

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